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Architectural AutoCAD Applications

The Architectural AutoCAD certificate introduces basic AutoCAD, drafting standards and other software applications used in the construction industry. Traditional 2D drawings of plans, sections, details and elevations will be drawn according to industry standards. The classes also will cover 3D modeling as it relates to building components and 3D modeling as implemented for the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment.

Credits earned may be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Technology/Civil Engineering concentration, Architectural option.

Courses in each level (Foundation, Core and Advanced Track) must be completed prior to advancing to the next level. Where more than one course is offered within a level, courses may be taken in any sequence.

Foundation Course(s)
CET 1100 Fundamentals of Architectural Drawing W/Lab 3
Core Course(s)
CET 1310 Architectural Drawing With AutoCAD W/Lab 4
Advanced Track Course(s)
CET 2550 Advanced AutoCAD W/Lab 4
CET 2560 Architectural 3D Modeling W/Lab 4


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