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Basic Photography

The Basic Photography certificate is designed for the amateur or media professional interested in adding fundamental photography skills. It is also a career option for someone interested in working as a photofinishing lab technician or in the photographic support industry. The courses are useful for someone who uses photography as part of his or her profession, such as in the medical industry or law enforcement, but who needs additional photographic skills. All of the courses are hands-on and practical and are taught by experienced professionals. Credits earned may be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Media Technologies/Photography concentration.

Courses in each level (Foundation, Core and Advanced Track) must be completed prior to advancing to the next level. Where more than one course is offered within a level, courses may be taken in any sequence, with the exception of Advanced Track (PHO 1890 cannot be taken before PHO 1700).


Foundation Course(s)
PHO 1000* Photography I 3
CGT 1030* ** Introduction to Macintosh Graphic Design 3
Core Course(s)
PHO 1100 Photography II 3
PHO 2010* Digital Imaging & Workflow 3
Advanced Track Course(s)
PHO 1700 Introduction to Studio Photography 3
PHO 1890 Photography Portfolio I 1


* PHO 1000, CGT 1030, PHO 2010 may be waived at the discretion of the program coordinator with demonstrated competence.
** The corequisites for CGT 1030 are not required for certificate students.

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