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Pre-allied Health

The Pre-allied Health certificate consists of general education coursework for pre-nursing and pre-allied health programs and provides an opportunity for students to achieve recognition in the form of a certificate upon successful completion of this coursework. This certificate also encompasses the general education coursework required for the Associate of Applied Science degree including the Anatomy and Physiology series.

Enrollment in courses within the Pre-allied Health Academic Certificate program requires demonstrated competency in English composition, reading, and mathematics. Competency demonstration can be accomplished through submission of accepted test scores (ACT/SAT or COMPASS) or through completion of appropriate Learning Support requirements.

Students wishing to change from enrollment in this certificate program to degree-seeking status will be reassessed under the guidelines for degree seeking students.


BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENGL 1010 English Composition I 3
HUM/FA 1 General Education Humanities Elective 3
PSYC 1030 General Psychology or PSYC 2130 Life Span Psychology (Check major requirement) 3
Guided Electives 2 Advisor-Approved Electives 6



HUM/FA 1 Electives chosen from ARTH 2010, 2020 (previously ART 1720, 1730); ENGL 2110, 2120, 2210, 2220, 2310, 2320, 2331, 2510, 2520, 2530; HUM 2810; MUS 1030; PHIL 1030, 1500, 2010, 2400; PHO 1200; THEA 1030. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Pre-nursing advisor before choosing elective courses. Students also may find the Nursing Advising Guide at
Guided Electives 2 Due to Health Sciences’ different requirements, students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Pre-nursing advisor before choosing elective courses. Students may also find the Nursing Advising Guide at


Additional information regarding foreign language:
At some universities, foreign language may be required in certain programs that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree. Complete information regarding foreign language requirements at each university may be found on the transfer and articulation websites of the Tennessee Board of Regents and the University of Tennessee System. Community college students are encouraged to be familiar with foreign language requirements at the universities and, if applicable, complete the requirements before transferring.


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