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Web Design Tools

The Web Design Tools curriculum provides the knowledge and skills required to create, design, and develop Web sites using industry standard software. Industry-standard Web design tools (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Acrobat) are covered. As versions of software change, so does the increased knowledge needed to skillfully navigate and employ the new features and concepts. Students develop the skills to design graphic-filled Web sites, to use animation, and to understand how and when to add audio/video for the Web.

Credits earned may be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Media Technologies/Web Technology concentration.

Where more than one course is offered within a level, courses may be taken in any sequence.


MDT 2100 Photoshop Essentials 3
WEB 2000 Dreamweaver/Fireworks 3
WEB 2110 Flash 3
WEB 2120 Audio/Video for the Web 3
WEB 2703 Adobe Acrobat 1


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