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Return of Title IV Funds

Pellissippi State monitors class attendance. Failure to attend class could affect a student’s evaluation for satisfactory academic progress. It could also result in a student’s being required to repay all or a portion of the financial aid received for a semester. The following attendance policies apply to Title IV financial aid recipients for the return of the Title IV funds:

  • Any student who never attends one or more classes will have aid reduced by 100 percent accordingly.
  • Any student who drops hours between the first day of class and the last day to add a class will have aid reduced by 100 percent accordingly.
  • Adjustments of financial aid for any student who officially withdraws will be calculated based on the percentage of Title IV aid earned as determined by the date the student began the withdrawal process.
  • Adjustments of financial aid for any student who stops attending all classes but does not officially withdraw will be calculated based on the midpoint of the enrollment period.

A copy of the complete Return of Title IV Funds Policy and examples are available upon request in the Pellissippi State Financial Aid Office. Satisfactory academic progress policy for financial aid eligibility All students who receive Title IV financial aid must be working toward a degree at Pellissippi State. In order to assure that the student is making satisfactory academic progress(in terms of number of hours attempted, number of hours completed and cumulative GPA), Pellissippi State will evaluate students at the end of each semester using the following satisfactory progress policy. NOTE: Non–Title IV aid, such as the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship, may have additional requirements.

Progress standards:

  1. A student must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
  2. A student must pass two-thirds (.67) of the hours attempted each semester. Satisfactory grades are A, B+, B, C+, C, D or P. Unsatisfactory grades are F, E, AU, NP or W. A grade of I is considered unsatisfactory until changed to a passing grade.
  3. A student must successfully complete two-thirds (.67) of the overall attempted hours to maintain pace for program completion.
  4. Students are allowed to receive financial aid for up to 90 hours attempted toward a degree program.

Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress

A student that does not meet satisfactory academic progress standards will be placed on a financial aid “warning.” If a student has not reestablished satisfactory academic progress at the end of the “warning” semester, all forms of financial assistance (including student loans) to the student will be suspended.

Reinstatement of eligibility

Progress standards are evaluated at the end of each semester. Students may reinstate their eligibility for financial aid for future semesters by achieving satisfactory academic progress standards.

Time limit for financial aid

A student may be eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum of 30 hours attempted development coursework.

A student may be eligible to receive financial aid for a maximum of 90 hours attempted toward a degree.

Transfer hours accepted by Pellissippi State will be counted toward the maximum number of hours allowed to be eligible to receive financial aid. Lifetime limit. A student may receive the federal Pell Grant for a maximum of 12 full-time semesters (or its equivalent).

Financial aid appeals

Termination of financial aid may be appealed to the Financial Aid Committee. The student must be able to prove extenuating circumstances for an appeal.

Financial Aid Committee decisions are final.

Any student whose appeal is granted will be placed on financial aid probation for the subsequent semester. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress at the end of that semester will again result in termination of financial aid. An academic plan may be developed to assist students as a condition of an approved appeal to help a student achieve satisfactory academic progress.


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