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Cohort Programs

AHEAD Cohort Programs FAQ

  1. What does AHEAD stand for:  Accelerated Higher Education Associate's Degree
  2. What is a cohort:  A cohort is a group of people working together for the same purpose. In the AHEAD cohort programs, students move through the curriculum in a group so that the same people are in every class together.
  3. Can I begin the AHEAD cohort programs while I am completing learning support courses?  No; all learning support courses should be completed prior to starting an AHEAD cohort program. You can call Celeste Evans at 865.539.7381 or email clevans@pstcc.edu to discuss completion of learning support courses.
  4. Do any college credits that I currently have go towards the AHEAD cohort programs?  Yes, we will evaluate your college transcript(s) for equivalent classes that meet our AHEAD programs' curriculum.
  5. Are the AHEAD classes less demanding than regular semester-long courses?  DEFINITELY NOT!  In fact, the successful AHEAD student needs to be highly self-motivated and disciplined in order to be successful in the program and to complete it on time.
  6. May I schedule some AHEAD (accelerated) courses and some regular 15-week courses?  All AHEAD cohort programs are accelerated and start with a cohort group. It is to the advantage of the AHEAD students to stay with their cohort for two reasons: If you do not stay with your cohort, your classes will be out of sequence, and students moving through the AHEAD program as a cohort are more likely to be successful because of the bonding that occurs among cohort members.
  7. Can I take a break; that is, can I skip a semester periodically? No. Doing so would require you to drop out of the cohort which would delay your graduation for up to a year. In addition, you would lose the advantage of the cohort's bonding which is important to successful completion of the AHEAD cohort programs. If you find it necessary to drop out of one of the AHEAD cohort programs, you can continue to pursue your intended degree in the regular semester program.
  8. What are characteristics of a successful AHEAD student?
    -Is highly self-motivated to complete tasks on time.
    -Is excited about learning at a fast pace.
    -Has a strong desire to complete the degree program accelerated as compared to approximately three to four years pursuing a degree in the conventional manner.

Traditional Path Cohorts FAQ

  1. What is Traditional Path Cohort? A traditional path cohort allows students to complete their degree together on a traditional block schedule (15-weeks) of classes.
  2. What is a cohort? Students in a cohort enter college together and finish together, as one dynamic group. Students in a traditional path cohort will have demonstrated the maturity and self-motivation to work well in teams and manage their time effectively.
  3. What is a traditional block schedule? A traditional block schedule are courses that are blocked together for a specific degree and cohort. For example: the Communication Studies cohort classes are blocked together on Tuesday and Thursday only.
  4. What are the benefits of signing up for a traditional path cohort?  Students move through their major as a unified group, which encourages students to build strong relationships with other students who have similar goals. Students know when they will take classes and with whom. Cohort classes are pre-planned, so there is no searching to find the classes you need.