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Cohort Programs

Credit for Certified Professional Secretary (CPS)

Students passing the Certified Professional Secretary Exam will be granted 15 semester hours of credit at Pellissippi State for the following courses, which will be applied to a certificate or degree.  To receive credit for these courses, the person passing the exam should have successfully completed 12 semester hours at Pellissippi State and should provide an official copy of the score report showing that all parts of the examination have been passed.

A grade of P will be awarded for the completed courses. These grades will not be computed in the student’s grade point average but will contribute to total hours earned toward a degree or certificate.


Course Prefix Course Title Credit Hours
ACC 1010 Principles of Accounting I 3.0 hrs
ECN 2010 Macroeconomics 3.0 hrs
MGT 2000 Principles of Management 3.0 hrs
MKT 2420 Customer Service 3.0 hrs
INFS 1010 Computer Applications 3.0 hrs
Total Credit Hours 15 hrs


In addition to the 15 semester credit hours that are granted upon completion of the CPS examination, additional credit will be awarded for passing the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) examination as follows:


Course Prefix Course Title Credit Hours
ADMN 2010

Office Proficiency &

1.0 hrs
ADMN 2302

Administrative Professional
Technology Internship

3.0 hr
Total Credit Hours 4 hrs