2017-2018 Civil Engineering Technology Master Syllabi

CET 0100  Introduction to Surveying  (Deactivated)

CET 1022  Construction Materials W/Lab

CET 1100  AutoCAD Fundamentals

CET 1250 Fundamentals of Building Systems & Materials

CET 1310  Architectural Drawing with AutoCAD W/Lab

CET 2012  Cost Estimating W/Lab

CET 2070  Civil Engineering Special Topics

CET 2080  Fundamentals of Building Information Modeling

CET 2081  Advanced Building Information Modeling

CET 2112 Soil Mechanics W/Lab

CET 2310  Mechanical & Electrical Systems W/Lab

CET 2410  Structural Steel Design  (Deactivated)

CET 2420  Reinforced Concrete Design  (Deactivated)

CET 2501  Introduction to Sustainability

CET 2502  Sustainability in Application  (Deactivated)

CET 2505  Sustainability in Application

CET 2550  Advanced AutoCAD W/Lab  (Deactivated)

CET 2560  Architectural 3D Modeling W/Lab  (Deactivated)