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2011 Fall Wills and Estates Class Make Oral Presentations
Paralegal Sarah Russell interviewed client John Snope for will and trust information.

Presenters Kevin McMahan, Lauren Vassallo, and Heather Dean enlighted the class on various estate planning terms.

Linda Arnone, Rachel Lee, and Holly Wilson explained many trust terms to their audience.

Teams debated the right to die. Members of the pro team are Diane Daniell, Carissa Huskins, Linda Connolly, and Karen Yearwood.

Team members against the right to die are Patricia Presley, Amy Brock, Megan Williams, and Robyn Thames. John Walker moderated the debate.

2011 Litigation Skills II Oral Arguments
Plaintiff's Team # 1: Sheba Townsend, Christina Effler, Sandi Wilson, Patricia Presley, Brenda Parker

Defense Team # 1: Suzanne Pagano, Sheila Woods

Plaintiff's Team # 2: John Snope, Becky Seepe, Jill McMillan, Ed Briggs

Defense Team # 2: Kate Rasnake, Megan Haynes, Amanda Samsel

Plaintiff's Team # 3: Gina Palombi, Suzanne Lasater, Joshua Miles, Michele Myers, Krista Jackson

Defense Team # 3: Anita Brickhouse, Misty Yancey, Stephanie Ader, Bekira Neskovic

Plaintiff's Team # 4: Carrie Greene, Michael Haynes, Megan Loveland, H. R. Holmes, Becky Tate

Defense Team # 4: Tish VanDenBossche, Vikky Kirichenko, Amy Arwood, Justin Wilson

Bailiff Will Cleveland, General Sessions Court Administrator Bob Swan, Judge Meryl Keegan

Pellissippi Paralegal Association had a busy year! Member Sandi Wilson helped serve breakfast to Division Street students, faculty and staff.

Secretary Suzanne Pagano, Carrie Greene, Megan Loveland and Jill McMillan provided nachos to the evening students, faculty and staff at Division Street.

Spring Fling was a great success! Jill McMillan, President Karen Yearwood, Brittany Beal, Linda Arnone, Treasurer John Snope, Carrie Greene.

Ms. Mac

PPA helped Cindy North at South Knox Elementary School in their Project Grad program.

Pellissippi Paralegal Association participated in the Women's Suffrage activities in Krutch Park and Market Square Mall on August 7. Karen Yearwood and John Snope constructed the jail, which replicates the cell in which women were placed when they demonstrated for the right of all women to vote. Tennessee cast the final vote necessary to ratify the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution which gave women the right to vote.

The 2010 Spring Litigation Skills II Class celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Foreground: Cassy Cooper, Brooke Tallent, Lee Irons, Katie McCliendon. Background: Alicia Campbell, Jennifer Jarabek, Heidi Stubbs, Rachel Hosack, Shanna Baty.

The 2009 Fall Wills and Estates Class. L-R: Michelle Britney-Boyd, Jill Dunn, Krista Jackson, Kate Rasnake, Michele Myers, Barbara Crane, Debbie Tran, Alicia Campbell, Cassy Cooper, Amy Palmer, Heather Howell, Ralph Ogle, Marti Davis, Becky Tate.

Students debate the right to die on "The Legal View" in Wills and Estates. Marti Davis, Michele Myers, Kate Rasnake, Cassy Cooper and Ralph Ogle.

In her spare time .... Tammy Hancock and her husband, Alan, show horses. At a 2009 horseshow in Cleveland, Tennessee, Tammy and Watermelon won the first place ribbon!


2009 Pellissippi Paralegal Association

2009 Litigation Skills II Oral Arguments
Plaintiff's Team # 1: Stephanie Nichole, Sandra Mallard, Amy Lane, Myriam Rhodes

Defense Team # 1: Ralph Ogle, Tammy Hancock, Julie Robinson, Carrie Cansler

Plaintiff's Team # 2: Jill Dunn, Tonia Shaw, Amy Palmer

Defense Team # 2: Courtney Counts, Amanda McClanahan, Joy Bray, Amy Smith

Plaintiff's Team # 3: Allison Reed, Dena McAfee, Susan Chanduvi

Defense Team # 3: Angela Ealy-Hamstead, Naomi Woodward, Barbara Crane, Stacy Farmer

Plaintiff's Team # 4: Stephanie Harper, Kimberly Clingan, Candice Kagay

Defense Team # 4: Christopher Lassen, Barbara Miller, Cindy Lovins, Christina Fowler-Graves

Judge John Cleveland
Bailiff Elizabeth McCowan

2009 Outstanding Graduate in Paralegal Studies: Barbara Miller

2009 Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) Inductees: Kristi L. D. Clarke, Cindy J. Lovins, Dena McAfee, Barbara Ann Miller, Ralph Ogle

2009 Who's Who Recipients:
Barbara Miller

Myriam Rhodes

2009 Academic Achievement Recipients:
Stephanie Nichole and Talia Holder

2009 Professional Development Award Recipients:
Kimberly Clingan and Carrie Cansler

2009 PPA Advisors' Award: Barbara Miller

2006 Litigation Skills II Class

2008 PPA Advisors' Award: Christina Verhulst

2008 West's Award for Outstanding Achievement: Natalie Crippen

2008 Most Outstanding Paralegal Studies Graduate: Genesis Jones
1999 Most Outstanding Paralegal Studies Graduate: Caroline Sudlow

2008 LEX Inductees: De'Neece Henry and Tonya Welsh

PPA Officers: Barbara Miller and Amanda McClanahan