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Pellissippi State math students! This resource was designed for you. We hope it will be helpful in whatever math course you are taking. The material below is arranged by courses taught at PSCC. Calculator help is at the bottom.

[If you need guidance in deciding whether you have the necessary background to do well in a certain course, we recommend that you take the Web-Based Readiness Quizzes (from State University of NY at Buffalo). These quizzes  cover courses from Intermediate Algebra through Differential Equations.]
***** Before you look down our list of course offerings, here is an amazing site that offers 10 minute videos for any math concept you can image (and more than just math). This is the Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org

***** Another excellent site with lots of math videos: http://www.patrickjmt.com

=> Developmental Math
        resources for DSPM0890

=> Survey of Mathematics
        resources for: MATH 1010 (Survey of Mathematics)

=> Precalculus/College Algebra
        resources for: MATH 1130 (College Algebra), MATH 1730 (Precalculus)
        and MATH 1710/1720 ( Precalculus sequence)

=> Calculus
        resources for: MATH 1830 (Basic Calculus and Modeling), MATH 1910 (Calculus I)
        MATH 1920 (Calculus II)  and MATH 1840 (Technical Calculus)

=> Statistics
        resources for:MATH 1530 (Elementary Probability & Statistics) and
        MATH 2050 (Introduction to Statistics)

=> Finite Math
        resources for: MATH 1630 (Finite Mathematics)

=> Misc. math help:

=> Calculator help:
        The links below may be useful in many different courses.
        More calculator help may be found by clicking on a specific course category above.
        All Blue links are written by PSTCC math instructors. Blue/Green links are outside
        resources. Use your browser's "back" button to return to "Math Help".

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