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1993                MS, Biology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

1990                BS, Biology, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO


1995 to            Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Sciences, Pellissippi

Present            State Technical Community College, Knoxville, TN.  Lead instructor of Anatomy and

                       Physiology II; instructor of General Biology II.

 1993-1995    Instructor, Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Morehead State University,

                       Morehead, KY.  Organization and teaching of freshman biology non-major lecture classes,

                       freshman biology major laboratory classes and Human Physiology lecture classes for

                       health-related majors.

 1992-1993    Laboratory Coordinator/Teaching Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue

                      University, West Lafayette, IN.  Management of materials, organization and supervision of

                      fifteen teaching assistants, and teaching of the laboratory section of "Biology for Elementary                          Teachers."

 1990-1992  Teaching Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

                      Teaching of several freshman and sophomore biology laboratory courses.

                     Developed computer  teaching, organization, supervision and public relation skills.


1988-1990    Southeast Missouri State University Biological Research Program, Cape Girardeau,

                      MO,Undergraduate Research, Dr. Allen Gathman, Department of Biology.  Induction of

                      tetraploidy in Cuphea

            lanceolata Aiton through colchicine treatment for use in a genetic study of the relatedness

            of various Cuphea species.

 1990           Graduate Research, Dr. Joann Otto, Department of Biological Sciences.  investigation of buffers

                     for maximal recovery of  vinculin and talin in the cytoskeletal portion of cell extracts using western

                     blotting techniques.

 1991           Graduate Research, Dr. E.J. Taparowsky, Department of Biological Sciences.  Northern Blot

                     investigation of c-myc RNA transcript expression in 10T1/2 cells.

 1991           Graduate Research, Dr. Stanley Rane, Department of Biological Sciences.  Investigation of

                     calcium channels in 3T3 cells and normal cells involving patch-clamping techniques.


            Graduate Research, Dr. Curtis Aschendel, Department of Medicinal Chemistry.  Isolation

             and activity characterization of p21-ras expressed in E.coli.

 1991-1992    Graduate Research, Dr. Harry Charbonneau, Department of Biochemistry.  Isolation and

                      characterization of lyn kinase expressed in E.coli for use in production of substrates for tyrosine

                      phosphatase assays, and the purification of suitable substrates.

1993              Graduate Research, Dr. Douglas Knudson, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources.

                      Investigation of county park interpretive center financial management.


National Association of Bilogy Teachers

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society

Tennessee Academy of Science

The Center for the Advancement of Cancer Education


Awarded Tenure at Pellissippi State Technical Community College in 1999

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southeast Missouri State University

Governor's Scholarship recipient

Dean's List award

(Fall 2013)

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