Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Department Goals

I. Communication Outcome: Graduates shall record, analyze, interpret, and articulate facts and ideas orally and in writing. To achieve this outcome, students shall: articulate factual information relevant to a chosen course of study. (Natural Sciences)

II. Personal Development Outcome: Graduate shall possess skills and attitudes necessary for developing and achieving their personal and professional goals. To achieve this outcome, students shall: 1. Formulate achievable, measurable, and challenging goals. (Physical Education)   2. Recognize personal strengths and limitations and employ strategies to capitalize on personal strengths and compensate for personal limitations. (Psychology and Physical Education)

III. Problem Solving and Decision Making Outcome: Individually and within a team, graduates shall use         appropriate methods of inquiry and analysis to define and solve problems and to make effective decisions. To achieve this outcome, students shall: 1. Apply the scientific method in suitable problem solving situations. (Natural Sciences) 2. Use critical thinking skills to interpret, evaluate, and make informed judgments about the adequacy of arguments, data, and conclusions. (Natural Sciences)

VI. Numerical Literacy Outcome: Graduates shall possess mathematical and analytical skills that enhance their effectiveness in communicating, problem solving, and decision making. To achieve this outcome, students shall:  Interpret and draw conclusions from tables, graphs, and data. (Natural and Behavioral Sciences)

Last Updated: Jan.15, 2002
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