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Welcome to Pellissippi State's Title III grant site. This five - year Title III Strengthening and Development grant was awarded in 2003 by the Department of Education. The total award is $ 1.7 million dollars.

This site has been designed to inform Pellissippi State faculty and staff, other educational institutions, and U.S. Department of Education representatives about Title III activities and progress toward objectives.

Grant objectives have centered on 1) developing courses and course modules in each of the two program areas, 2) purchasing and installing the equipment and software necessary to offer the new courses and modules, and 3) training faculty in the use of the new course technology. The new courses and modules are scheduled to be offered fall term 2004, so most grant activities thus far are focused on preparation for these offerings.

Since 2003, we've developed two academic programs: the Media Technologies program was implemented in August 2005, and the SEAT program began in January 2006. To view all the developments in curriculum, instruction, and faculty for the two programs please visit Media Technologies, or Security and Engineering and Administration Technology.

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