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Fast Forward

Admissions Checklist
New students 
1. Apply to PSCC
2. Pay Application Fee
3. Apply for the DE Grant
4. Submit Hepatitis B Form
5. Submit ACT Scores and Transcript
6. Register for Classes
7. Pay Tuition or Fees

Returning Students
1. Re-apply for the DE Grant
2. Register for Classes
3. Pay Tuition or Fees

*Steps Register for
  Classes and Pay
  Tuition are only
  for students who
  are taking classes
  on a PSCC campus*


All Fast Forward students must have valid PLAN, official ACT, or COMPASS scores before they can register for classes. The required cutoff scores for the PLAN and official ACT are the same and are outlined here. PLAN scores are only accepted for juniors who have not completed an official ACT test.

The COMPASS test is available to students who do not have PLAN or official ACT scores or whose ACT scores do not meet the required cutoffs. COMPASS is a free computer based test with three sections, writing, reading, and mathematics. All sections are untimed. Score reports are generated for students upon completing the test.

Students who have not taken the PLAN or official ACT must take all three sections of the COMPASS. If students are taking all three sections, students can expect to spend about two hours completing the COMPASS. 

Students who have PLAN or official ACT scores below the required cutoffs only take sections of the COMPASS as needed. For example, if a student’s ACT reading scores is below the required minimum then that student only takes the reading section of the COMPASS.

The required COMPASS scores are found below.
Minimum scores to take General Education classes:

English           77
Reading          83
Math               38 and above

Minimum scores to take Career Tech classes:
English           33
Reading          58
Math               16

Students need to bring the following items with them to the COMPASS test:
Photo ID
Pellissippi State student ID number
Calculator (not a TI89 or TI 92) if taking math section

Before signing up, you must complete a Pellissippi State application. After doing so, please complete the form below. Upon completing the form, you will be emailed a confirmation of your scheduled test date.

***Students who may need testing accommodations, please contact Services for Students With Disabilities at 865-539-1753.