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Fast Forward

Admissions Checklist
New students 
1. Apply to PSCC
2. Apply for the DE Grant
3. Submit Hepatitis B Form
4. Submit ACT Scores and Transcript
5. Register for Classes *
6. Pay Tuition or Fees *

Returning Students
1. Re-apply for the DE Grant
2. Register for Classes
3. Pay Tuition or Fees

*Steps Register for
  Classes and Pay
  Tuition are only
  for students who
  are taking classes
  on a PSCC campus*

Popular DE Courses

Fast Forward students may take any class for which they meet the prerequisites and/or eligibility requirements.  Please note, however, that the English Composition sequence is reserved for high school seniors. For more information on this policy, please review this document

Fast Forward courses are divided into General Education and non-General Education courses. A list of popular General Education courses may be found here. To qualify for general education and business courses you must:

  • Have an unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have a minimum ACT score of 18 in English and 19 in Reading if you wish to take a course that does not involve math skills
  • Have a minimum ACT score of 19-26 in Math (depending on the class), 19 in Reading, and 18 in English if you wish to take a course that does involve math skills
  • ACT requirements for popular dual enrollment math courses are as follows:  
    • MATH 1130 (College Algebra) - 21 Math ACT
    • MATH 1530 (Elementary Probability & Statistics) - 19 Math ACT
    • MATH 1710 (Precalculus Algebra) - 22 Math ACT
    • MATH 1730 (Precalculus) - 23 ACT
    • MATH 1910 (Calculus) - 26 Math ACT

A comprehensive list of non-General Education courses may be found here, including career and technical courses. Some non-General Education courses, such as physical education or applied music, may have additional fees. To qualify for non-general education, non-business courses you must:

  • Have an unweighted high school GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Have a minimum of 13's on each sub-section of the ACT
  • Meet the minimum requirements for the course you wish to take