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High School/Dual Enrollment

Admissions Checklist
New students 
1. Apply to PSCC
2. Apply for the DE Grant
3. Submit Hepatitis B Form
4. Submit ACT Scores and Transcript
5. Register for Classes *
6. Pay Tuition or Fees *

Returning Students
1. Re-apply for the DE Grant
2. Register for Classes
3. Pay Tuition or Fees

*Steps Register for
  Classes and Pay
  Tuition are only
  for students who
  are taking classes
  on a PSCC campus*

Dual Enrollment Grant

**Dual Enrollment Grant Application**

The link above will take you directly to the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) web site where you can apply for the dual enrollment grant online. Students shall complete the Dual Enrollment Grant application before each semester in which students will be enrolled at Pellissippi. The award amount is $100 per semester hour. For an additional course per semester with a total semester amount not to exceed $600 per semester and $1,200 per academic year. 

Only juniors and seniors are eligible, and they must meet the eligibility requirements outlined here (for the first class).  For details regarding eligibility requirements for a second class (per semester), please follow this link.

Keep in mind the following as you complete the Dual Enrollment Grant application process:

*  Write down your username, password and the answers to your security questions.

*  You must re-apply for the grant each semester.

*  Once you have created a TSAC account you must log back in and then complete the actual grant application for the appropriate semester.

*  If you do not apply by the Pellissippi State priority deadline (which will differ from the official TSAC deadline) you may be required to pay for your classes in advance and be reimbursed.

*  Keep a copy of the confirmation page at the end of the application for your records.


To be eligible for the grant you must:

1.  Apply no later than the TSAC deadline.

2.  Select Pellissippi State as your college on the dual enrollment grant application.

3.  Maintain a 2.75 GPA for all college courses.

4.  Meet Pellissippi State eligibility requirements for the course you wish to take (see Dual Enrollment home page for details).

For questions concerning your TSAC account, you may reach a TSAC call center representative at 1-800-342-1663.