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Sustainable Design Technology practices seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and developed spaces. The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.  In response, there are numerous local, national, and international entities adopting green, sustainable criteria for new construction and renovations.  The green building movement has created a permanent shift in the way we design, plan, construct and operate our built environment. Students will learn various sustainable approaches to reduce energy and water usage, determine material life cycle costs, and create healthy built environments.


Sustainable Design Courses and Course Sequence

Careers in Sustainable Technology

 While the applicability of sustainability training to the traditional construction industry is easily apparent, there are others who make use of sustainability as a part of their profession.  Completion of the concentration also serves to provide the necessary training for those careers that work closely with the construction industry or careers that require knowledge of sustainability for a portion of the required job duties, such as:

  • corporate sustainability managers
  • sustainability consultants
  • real estate
  • code inspector
  • developer
  • writers
  • marketing
  • sales


  • Sustainable Technology Certificate
  • More to come

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