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English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Improve your English skills at Pellissippi State

At Pellissippi State, academic excellence comes at an affordable price. We offer English as a Second Language (ESOL) courses for non-degree and degree-seeking students. 

ESOL courses help students develop their writing, reading, grammar, speaking and listening skills in order to be successful in their coursework. Students can choose from courses that focus on reading, writing, grammar, conversation and pronunciation skills. 

We support our students by providing them teachers, academic advisors and counselors who are trained as ESOL professionals. Not only are courses taught by ESOL faculty, students also have access to a free tutoring center with trained ESOL tutors. International student success faculty and peer mentors are also available to help ESOL students with academic questions, study skills or personal matters. 

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Call (865) 971-5257 or email reach@pstcc.edu.

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Program Coordinator: Chester Needham

Program Advisor: Stephanie Baker-Harden 

Program Description:

At Pellissippi State, we have two distinct paths for English Language Learners on our campus:

  1. Our non-college credit ESOL program that includes courses in the following disciplines: Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Conversation/Pronunciation/Listening.

  2. College credit coursework that leads toward a degree, and the ESL courses offered within the Department of English are: ENGL 0920/1010 ESL, ENGL 1010 ESL, and ENGL 1020 ESL.

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