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The English Department of Pellissippi State Community College encourages strategies to help students learn to read closely, think critically and logically, practice methods of interpretation and research, analyze the formal properties of texts, place texts in historical and cultural contexts, and write with precision and clarity.

Composition courses are designed to assist students in writing effectively, creatively, and ethically in personal, academic, professional, and public settings. Various rhetorical approaches, attention to organization and development of ideas, and a focus on grammar, mechanics, and punctuation enable students to enter a universe of discourse and to discover their own powers of articulation therein.

Literature courses give students exposure to major works of American, British, and World literature as a way of inspiring appreciation for creativity and for the range of imaginative activities required to produce an enduring expression of the human spirit. These courses also embrace literature in its broadest context, including biography, history, culture, and politics. Students continue to develop reading, critical thinking, and writing skills begun in the composition program.

Pellissippi State's English Department aspires to excellence in all its courses and in providing students with a writing and literary education second to none. The department's programs prepare students for diverse futures and for increasingly complex challenges offered by the twenty-first century. In addition, the English Department of Pellissippi State Community College prides itself in its collegiality and in its adherence to the principle of academic freedom inherent in higher education.  

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Pellissippi State Writer-in-Residence Ed Francisco shares his poetry in this video. For more poems, watch Part 2 and Part 3 of this series.

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