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English Video List

Brief Form (8/99; C. Luther)

Films are classified according to the following headings: American Literature, British LiteratureWorld LiteratureWriting, Literary Technique/Introduction to LiteratureOther/Miscellaneous.  A list of the titles of series that are complete or of which PSCC has a substantial number follows the last heading.  Within the headings the films are classified alphabetically according to titles.

Most of these titles have been added to the PSCC Online Catalog.  A full description of these titles may be found there. 

American Literature

The Adventures of Mark Twain 1797 
Alex Haley 1828 
Alice Walker 1832, 2275 
Almos’ a Man [The Man Who Was Almost a Man] 25, 2247 
An American Indian 1479 
American Pioneers (Survey of English Poetry) 738, 1241 
American Tongues 033 
An Audio-Visual History of American Literature Pt. 1--1291; Pt. 2—1292 
August Wilson 1831 
Barn Burning 26, 2249 
Bartleby the Scrivener 550 
The Belle of Amherst (J. Harris as E. Dickinson) 2237 
Bernice Bobs Her Hair 27 
Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World (A & E Biography) 2586 
Billy Budd 135 
The Birth of a Nation (D.W. Griffiths, dir.) 2123, 2122 
The Black Cat 731 
Black Theatre: The Making of a Movement 1839 
Black Women Writers 1416,1858 
The Blue Hotel 2248 
Casablanca 2121 
The Cask of Amontillado  734 (Edgar Allan Poe: The Principal Works; dramatization); 1804 (narrated, with 
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  (Taylor, Newman) 1693 
Charles Johnson 1835 
The Crucible (W. Ryder, D. Day-Lewis) 2231 
Daisy Miller (C. Shepherd) 2252 
The Dance of Souls Departed: Return to Wounded Knee 1843 
Death of a Salesman (Hoffman, Malkovich) 645 
A Discussion of the Fall of the House of Usher 1466A 
The Displaced Person (The American Short Story Collection) 30 
The Dutchman  1838 
Edgar Allan Poe (A &E Biography) 2587 
Edgar Allan Poe: A Concise Biography 2144 
Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul (American Masters Series) 1840 
Elizabeth Bishop (Voices and Visions) 1432 
Emily Dickinson (The Master Poet Collection) 2251 
Emily Dickinson: A Certain Slant of Light 2107 
Emily Dickinson (Voices and Visions Series) 1434, 1822, 2245 
The Emperor Jones 2233; (P. Robeson) 2254 
Eugene O’Neill: Journey into Genius (dramatization of his life starring M. Modine) 2272 
Ezra Pound (Voices and Visions) 1441 
The Fall of the House of Usher 1465 
Fahrenheit 451  (O. Werner, J. Christie) 1801, 2142 
Frankenstein (J. Whale, dir.) 1716 
Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History 1841 
The Glass Menagerie (J. Woodward, J. Malkovich) 2232 
Glooscap (Legends of the Indians Series) 1255 
Gloria Naylor  1834 
Glory (D. Washington, M. Broderick) 1277 
Glory: The True Story Continues 1277A 
The Golden Honeymoon (The American Short Story Series) 31 
The Grapes of Wrath (H. Fonda, J. Darwell) 786 
Greenwich Village Writers: The Bohemian Legacy (includes James, O’Neill, Millay, Cather, 
 Ginsberg, Dylan) 2284 
The Greatest Man in the World (The American Short Story Series) 23 
Hart Crane (Voices and Visions) 1433 
Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice (The American Experience Series) 927 
Inherit the Wind (S. Tracy, F. March) 2445 
An Introduction to Ernest Hemingway’s Fiction  (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 992 
An Introduction to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 982 
An Introduction to John Steinbeck’s Fiction (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 985 
An Introduction to Richard Wright’s Fiction (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 991 
An Introduction to Robert Frost’s Poetry (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 984 
An Introduction to Thomas Wolfe’s Fiction (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 987 
An Introduction to T. S. Eliot’s Poetry (Eminent Scholars/Teachers Series) 986 
The Invisible Man (J. Whale, dir.) 1715 
Itam Hakim, Hopiit (Hopi storytelling) 1354 
Jack London 2277 
James Baldwin (Great Writers of the 20th Century) 2295 
James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket 1829 
The Jilting of Granny Weatherall (The American Short Story Series) 24 
John Steinbeck 2278 
John Wideman 1830 
Joyce Carol Oates 2276 
Kate Chopin: The Joy that Kills 1245 
Kate Chopin: Five Stories of an Hour (5 versions of the short story) 2244 
Langston Hughes (Voices and Visions) 1437 
The Last of the Mohicans (3 versions) 199 (1936;R. Scott, B. Barnes); 1694 ( 1977; S. Forrest, N. Romero); 
2209 (1992; D. Day-Lewis, M. Stowe) 
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Shelley Duvall’s Tall Tales and Legends) 1799 
The Legend of the Corn (Legends of the Indians) 1252 
Leslie Marmon Silko: Native American Novelist 2559 
Long Day’s Journey into Night (Robards, Hepburn, R. Richardson) 862 
Lorraine Hansberry: The Black Experience in the Creation of Drama 2279 
The Lottery 1805 
The Making of a Poet: E. E. Cummings  2274 
The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg (The American Short Story) 32 
Marianne Moore (Voices and Visions) 1439 
The Masque of the Red Death (R. Corman, dir.; V. Price) 1462 
Moby-Dick (G. Peck) 1356 
Modern American Drama: O’Neill—Long Day’s Journey into Night (History of Drama) 998 
Moowis, Where Are You Moowis? (Legends of the Indians) 1254 
Murders in the Rue Morgue (B. Lugosi) 1463 
Nathaniel Hawthorne (discussion) 2282 
Native Son (Great Books; discussion) 2281 
The New England Transcendentalists 2528 
Our Town (1977;H. Holbrook, N. Beatty, B. Bel Geddes) 787 
Our Town (1940; W. Holden, M. Scott, B. Bondi) 2256 
The Path of Life (Legends of the Indians) 1250 
The Path of Souls (Legends of the Indians) 1253 
Paul’s Case (The American Short Story) 28 
The Portable Phonograph 1806 
The Private History of a Campaign that Failed 1675 
A Raisin in the Sun (D. Glover, E. Rolle) 2236 
Rappaccini’s Daughter (The American Short Story) 29 
The Raven and Other Poems (Poe: The Principal Works) 1247 
The Return of the Child (Legends of the Indians) 1257 
The Revolt of Mother (The American Short Story) 1798 
Richard Wright: Black Boy 1836 
Robert Frost: A First Acquaintance 729 
Robert Frost (Voices and Visions) 1436 
Robert Lowell (Voices and Visions) 1438 
The Scarlet Letter 1249, 1249A, 1249B, 1249C 
Searching for a Native American Identity 1856 
The Snowbird Cherokees 2148 
The Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston (The Moyers Collection) 2285 
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951; V. Leigh, M. Brando, K. Hunter) 2235 
Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People 1589 
Sylvia Plath (Voices and Visions) 1440 
The Tall Woman (Wilma Dykeman) 1620 
The Tell-Tale Heart (Poe: The Principal Works) 1246 
The Tell-Tale Heart (The Short Story Collection II; S. Jaffe, A. Cord) 1800, 2143 
Tennessee Williams: Orpheus of the American Stage 2280 
Thomas Jefferson (Ken Burns, producer) 2375, 2375A 
Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher of Freedom (A & E Biography) 2583 
Thoreau’s Walden 733 
The Time, Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe 1823 
Toni Morrison 1833 
T.S. Eliot (Voices and Visions) 1435 
Twelve Angry Men (1957; H. Fonda, M. Balsam, J. Klugman) 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1987; P. Rashad, S.L. Jackson) 1821 
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Films for the Humanities; abridged version of the George Aiken play) 735 
Understanding John Steinbeck’s Fiction (Eminent Teachers/Scholars) 990 
Understanding Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward Angel (Eminent Teachers/ Scholars) 988 
Understanding T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land (Eminent Teachers/Scholars) 981 
Understanding William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying (Eminent Teachers/Scholars) 989 
Wallace Stevens (Voices and Visions) 1442 
Walt Whitman (Voices and Visions) 1443 
Walt Whitman: Against the Odds 732 
West Side Story 1907 
William Carlos Williams (Voices and Visions) 1444, 2246 
William Faulkner (Famous Authors Series) 2250 
The Winter Wife (Legends of the Indians) 1256 
The World Between (Legends of the Indians) 1251 
The Yellow Wallpaper 2550 

British Literature

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band 132 
Antony and Cleopatra (Complete Dramatic Works of W.S.; Blakely, Lapotaire) 1483 
As You Like It (Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; H. Mirren, R. Pasco) 1484 
Beowulf 727, 1762 
The Bronte Sisters (52 min.)  1825 
Charles Dickens: A Tale of Ambition and Genius (A & E Biography) 2585 
Chaucer (Survey of English Poetry) 1243 
Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Ken Russell, dir.; D. Hemmings, D. Warner) 2226 
The Comic Spirit (humor in Shakespeare: Midsummer, 12th Night, Two Gentlemen) 2153 
Congreve’s The Way of the World 2238 
Contemporary Theatre: Beckett—Waiting for Godot (B. Meredith, Z. Mostel) 997 
Discovering Hamlet 2490 
Doctor Faustus (Burton, Taylor) 1391 
Early English Drama: Second Shepherds’ Play, Quem Queritis, Abraham and Isaac (History of 
Drama Series) 1001, 1763 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning 2227 
Everyman 2229 
Excalibur 1461 
Five Poems by Ted Hughes 2228 
Frankenstein (J. Whale, dir.) 1716 
Frankenstein: The Making of a Monster (Great Books) 2527 
Gawain and the Green Knight 1411 
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (A Guide to Understanding Literature Series) 2219 
Hamlet (L. Olivier, E. Herlie) 506 (Parts A, B, C) 
Hamlet (M. Gibson, G. Close) 1692 
Henry IV, Pt. 1 (Films for the Humanities; M. Pennington, M. Cronin) 973 
Henry IV, Pt. 2 (Films for the Humanities; M. Pennington, M. Cronin) 974 
Henry IV, Pt.1 (Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; J. Finch, D. Gwillim, T. Piggott-Smith) 1490 
Henry IV, Pt. 2 (Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; J. Finch, D. Gwillim, T. Piggott-Smith) 1490A 
Henry V (L. Olivier, dir. and actor; R. Newton, R. Asherson) 716 A, B 
Henry V (The Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; D. Gwillim, J. Boisseau) 1485 
Henry V (K. Branagh, dir. and actor; E. Thompson) 1396 
A History of the English Language 1767 
Introduction to English Poetry (A Survey of English Poetry Series) 1413 
The Invisible Man (J. Whale, dir.) 1715 
Jane Eyre (W. Hurt, C. Gainsboroug) 2210 
Joyce, Yeats, and Wilde 2225 
Julius Caesar (Complete Dramatic Works of W.S.;R. Pasco, K. Michell, C. Gray) 1489 
King Lear (L. Olivier, A. Calder-Marshall, D. Rigg, D. Tutin) 400 A, B, C, D 
King Lear (M. Hordern, J. Shrapnel, N. Rodway, M. Kitchen) 1486, 1486A 
Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (A Guide to Understanding Literature Series) 2223 
The Last Journey of John Keats 2526 
Legend of Arthur 1803 
The Luttrell Psalter 1766 
Macbeth (Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; N. Williamson, J. Lapotaire) 1487 
Macbeth (T. Nunn, dir; I. McKellan, J. Dench) 1389, 1389A 
Major Barbara (W. Hiller, R. Harrison) 2230 
The Merchant of Venice (The Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.) 1488 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1208, 1208A 
Milton (Survey of English Poetry) 1244 
Le Morte d’Arthur 2036 
Looking for Richard (A. Pacino’s production of Richard III) 
My Fair Lady (musical; A. Hepburn, R. Harrison) 399 
Oliver Twist (D. Lean, dir.; A. Guinness, R. Newton, A. Newley) 2218 
Othello (L. Fishburne, K. Branagh, I. Jacob) 2146 
Othello (L. Olivier, F. Finlay) 2253 
Othello (Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare; A. Hopkins, B. Hoskins)  1707, 1707A 
Paradise Lost (A Guide to Understanding Literature; focuses on women’s roles) 2221 
The Play of Abraham and Isaac 2239 
Playboy of the Western World  Pt.1—979, Pt. 2—980 
Playing Shakespeare: Exploring a Character 507 
Playing Shakespeare: Passion and Coolness 508 
Playing Shakespeare: Rehearsing the Text 2479 
Playing Shakespeare: Set Speeches and Soliloquies 2154 
Playing Shakespeare: Using the Verse 2480 
A Prologue to Chaucer 1414 
The Rape of the Lock (A Guide to Understanding Literature) 2222 
The Restoration Theatre: From Tennis Court to Playhouse 2217 
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 2226 
Romeo and Juliet (F. Zeffirelli, dir.; O. Hussey, L. Whiting) 2373 
A Room of One’s Own (Eileen Atkins as Virginia Woolf) 1393, 1612 
The Secret Sharer 670 
Shakespeare and his Stage: Approaches to Hamlet 996 
Shakespeare and his Theatre: The Globe 2478 
Shakespeare and the Globe 1388 
Shakespeare Is Alive and Well in the Modern World 1399, 1399A 
Shakespeare: A Day at the Globe 1794 
Shakespeare’s Imagery: The Poet’s Eye 728, 1415 
Shakespearean Tragedy 2035 
Shakespeare Workshops: Measure for Measure 2452 
The Staging of Shakespeare’s Plays (Eminent Scholars/ Teachers) 1778 
The Story of English  1613, 1614, 1615, 1616, 1617 
A Survey of English Poetry (series) 
A Tale of Two Cities (J. Wilby, J. Mills) 1409, 1409A 
The Taming of the Shrew (Taylor, Burton) 1397 
The Tempest (Burton, Remick, McDowell) 975 
The Tempest (Complete Dramatic Works of W. S.; M. Hordern, P. Guard, W. Clarke) 1491 
T.S. Eliot (Voices and Visions) 1435 
Understanding T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land (Eminent Teachers/Scholars) 981 
Waiting for Godot (B. Meredith, Z. Mostel) 503 
The Wife of Bath by Geoffrey Chaucer (A Guide to Understanding Literature) 2220 
William Shakespeare: A Life in Drama (A & E Biography) 2427 
William Wordsworth: William and Dorothy (Ken Russell, dir.; D. Warner, F. Kendall, D. Hemmings) 2224 
William Wordsworth (Survey of English Poetry) 1242 
Wordsworth and the English Lakes 1825 
The York Cycle in the Fifteenth Century 1779 
The Yorkshire of the Bronte Sisters 1826 

World Literature

The Africans 1725 
Afrique, Je Te Plumerai (Africa, I Will Fleece You) 1865 
Agamemnon 976 
Anne Frank Remembered 2145 
Antigone 409, 737 
Aspects of the Commedia Dell’arte 1786 
Aspects of Neo-Classic Theater 1394 
Birth of Modern Theatre: Chekhov--Uncle Vanya 1002 
The Changing Audience of Theatre 1706 
The Cherry Orchard (M. Stapleton, D. Moffat) 1398 
Chinua Achebe (The Moyers Collection) 1857 
A Clash of Cultures (The Africans) 1816 
Classical Comedy: Aristophanes—Women in Power 993 
The Comedy of Manners: Moliere—The Misanthrope (E. Petherbridge) 515, 999 
Contemporary Theatre: Beckett—Waiting for Godot 997 
A Doll’s House (J. Stevenson, T. Eve) 2147 
Every Man for Himself and God Against All (W. Herzog, dir.; story of Kasper Hauser) 841 
Everyone’s Child (Library of African Cinema; Zimbabwe) 2367 
Femmes Aux Yeux Ouverts [Women With Open Eyes] (Library of African Cinema) 1863 
Finzan: A Dance for the Heroes (Library of African Cinema; Mali) 2366 
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Magical Realism 1859 
Gawain and the Green Knight 1411 
Guimba the Tyrant (Library of African Cinema; West Africa) 2024 
Hedda  (G. Jackson, P. Stewart) 1390 
I, Claudius 1950-1956 
Kabuki 1387 
Legacy of the Shoguns 536 
Les Miserables (musical) 2124 
Madame Bovary (in French with Eng. Subtitles) 1412 
The Mahabharata—The Game of Dice1274; Exile in the Forest 1275; The War 1276 
Medea (Z. Caldwell, J. Anderson, M. Ryan) 356 
Molière and the Comèdie Francaise 1395 
Monday’s Girls (Library of African Cinema) 1864 
Myths and Legends: Mirrors of Mankind 381 
The Odyssey  Pt. 1—845, Pt. 2—846 
Oedipus at Colonus (A. Quayle, J. Shrapnel, J. Stevenson) 977, 978 
Oedipus the King (M. Pennington, C. Bloom, J. Gielgud) 1976 
Phèdre (Jean Racine; Marie Bell; French with subtitles) 1392 
The Power of Myth: Joseph Campbell (Bill Moyers)  665 A-F 
Rashomon 842 
The Rise of Greek Tragedy: Sophocles—Oedipus the King (The History of Drama) 995, 2487 
The Role of Theatre in Ancient Greece 1705 
Schindler’s List 1708, 1709 
Seven Samurai (A. Kurosawa, dir.) 2320 
Smiles of a Summer Night (Ingmar Bergman, dir.) 843 
The Swampdwellers (play by Wole Soyinka) 2438 
The Sword and the Chrysanthemum (Japan) 534 
Taafe Fanza: Skirt Power (Library of African Cinema; Mali) 2365 
Tartuffe de Molière (French with subtitles; G. Depardieu) 2234 
Theatre of  Social Problems: Ibsen—Hedda Gabler (History of Drama) 994 
Theatre of the Absurd: Pirandello—Six Characters in Search of an Author (History of Drama) 1000 
Understanding Don Quixote 840 
Usiku: An African Folk Tale 1712 
Zan Boko (Library of African Cinema; Burkina Faso) 2369


Crediting Your Sources 1945 
Critiquing the Argumentative Essay 1944 
Developing the Composition 1947 
Models of Non-Fiction Writing: Presenting an Argument 1934 
Peter Elbow On Writing 1851 
Proofreading and Editing Skills 1659, 1660, 1661 
The Write Course 1948 
Writing about Literature 1946 
Writing as a Process: A Step by Step Guide 1949 
Writing the Argumentative Essay 1943

Literary Techniques/ Introduction to Literature

Literary Visions (series used with Eng. 1020 video course) 1222-1234 
Myths and Legends: Mirrors of Mankind 381 
Writing about Literature 1946 


The Atomic Café 2603 
Everest: The Death Zone (NOVA) 2374 
Everest (D. Brashears, dir.; 1996 disaster) 2393 
To Be a Woman and a Writer 1611 (19th and 20th c. women writers) 
The Making of Everest: On Location in the Death Zone (D. Brashears, dir.) 
Memory of the Camps 1698 
Thinking Skills: Introduction to Critical Thinking 436 
West Side Story 1907


The American Short Story 
Eminent Scholars/ Teachers Series 
A Guide to Understanding Literature 
History of Drama 
Legends of the Indians 
Library of African Cinema 
Literary Visions (used with Eng. 1020 video course) 1222-1234 
The Power of Myth: Joseph Campbell 665 A-F 
A Survey of English Poetry 
Voices and Visions