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Instructional Technology Title
microphone and sound board with text that says Multimedia Support

Telecourses and TWAV Classes

Telecourses: Distance Learning via DVD and/or class delivery

Check the college schedule of classes to find out if a specific course is offered as a Telecourse or in the TWAV classroom. ETS produces and distributes many of the video courses. Course information and media are available at Educational Technology Services in 242 Goins Building at the Pellissippi Campus.

The format depends on the course. Call for more information - 865-694-6593.

Students may be required to use Pellissippi e-mail accounts to communicate with instructors.

Students must attend a scheduled orientation session, either in class or online to meet the instructor and to receive course materials. You will find the orientation schedule in your Class Schedule in myPellissippi.

Students in the VT1 sections will pick up their media during the orientation. Those who miss the orientation, add the course after the orientation, or want more information about telecourses should contact the instructor.


Two-way Audio Video (TWAV)

Several courses are taught in the distance learning classroom on the Hardin Valley Campus and broadcast to classrooms located at all of our other campuses. The Distance Learning Classroom is located in 251 Goins Building and the instructor uses this room to broadcast the class to the other sites.

  • Master Control Room phone: 865-539-7086
  • Blount County Center Distance Learning Classroom phone: 865-981-5306
  • Division Street Campus Distance Learning Classroom phone: 865-971-5201
  • Magnolia Campus Distance Learning Classroom phone: 865-329-3117
  • Strawberry Plains Campus Distance Learning Classroom phone: 865-225-2308

The Nursing Program also teaches classes via a point-to-point teleconferencing system. A nursing classroom at the Blount County Campus, Magnolia Avenue Campus and the Strawberry Plains Campus are equipped with cameras and microphones and each classroom can serve at the broadcast site to the other classroom.

In addition to the broadcast equipment, all of the TWAV classrooms are completely equipped with a Multimedia Console for the instructor's use.