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Educational Technology Services Staff

Technology is not very useful without people to benefit from it. The ETS staff is committed to serve the students, faculty and staff of Pellissippi State. 

Here we are:

ETS Front Desk: 865-694-6593
ETS Fax: 865-539-7068

Kristy Conger - Director
Phone: 865-539.7333  E-mail: kmconger@pstcc.edu

Julie Bell - Digital Media Specialist
Phone: 865-539-7086  E-mail: jbell@pstcc.edu

Scott Bell - Coordinator of Audio/Video Services
Phone: 865-694-6420  E-mail: sdbell@pstcc.edu

Jennie Braden - Media Specialist
Phone: 865-694-6515  E-mail: jkbraden@pstcc.edu

Josh Dean - Instructional Technology Specialist - Emerging and Mobile
Phone: 865- 539-7031  E-Mail: jmdean1@pstcc.edu

Royce Jacomen - Instructional Technology Specialist - Accessibility
Phone: 865- 539-7410  E-Mail: rjjacomen@pstcc.edu

Gary Hinshaw - Distance Learning Classroom
Phone: 865-539-7087  E-mail: glhinshaw@pstcc.edu

Steve Moore - Electronic Technician
Phone: 865-539-7225  E-mail: scmoore@pstcc.edu

Leslie Owle - Electronic Equipment Technician
Phone: 865-539-7085 E-mail: lrowle@pstcc.edu

Blount County Campus Distance Classroom Facilitator
Phone: 865-981-5306

Division Street Campus Distance Classroom Facilitator
Phone: 865-971-5201

Magnolia Avenue Campus Distance Classroom Facilitator
Phone: 865-329-3117

Strawberry Plains Campus Distance Classroom Facilitator
Phone: 865-225-2308