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15-Passenger Vans Policy

The following is required of all 15-passenger van drivers:

  1. Sign the “15-Passenger Van Driver Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement”
  2. Sign the “15-Passenger Van Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement”
  3. Review the “15-Passenger Van Driver Basic Safety Guidelines”
  4. Renew the signed forms and review the safety guidelines every two years.

Failure to complete all three steps of this procedure for each driver will result in the inability to drive a 15-passenger van, no exceptions. These steps must be completed prior to the initial assignment; additional forms do not need to be submitted for each subsequent driving assignment.

This policy applied to all 15-passenger vans provided through college motor pool and contracted through outside rental agencies.


Departments are required to follow these procedures for each 15-passenger van driver regardless of whether they have driven 15-passenger vans in the past or their status at the College (faculty, staff, temporary, employees, part-time employee, etc.). Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Director of Facilities.

  1. Completion of the 15-Passenger Van Driver Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement
  2. Completion of the 15-Passenger Van Driver Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement
  3. Review the NHTSA pamphlet, Reducing the Risk of Rollover Crashes
  4. Signed forms should be routed as follows:
    • Original to Facilities
    • Copy to department files
    • Copy to driver
  5. List all drivers in the “comments field when submitting your reservation request. All drivers listed will need to complete this procedure.
  6. Review the “15-Passenger Van Driver Basic Safety Guidelines” every two years.

In following these procedures, please keep in mind:

  • It is the departments’ responsibility to comply with these procedures and notify Facilities of approved drivers.
  • Drivers who arrive at Motor Pool Operations without prior notification of their approval will not be allowed to check out a 15-passenger van.
  • Operating a15-passenger van without completing all forms and procedures may result in the loss of rental privileges.