Create a binomial distribution table using the TI-83 or TI-82


For the TI-83 ...........................

1. First, create an extra list to hold your random variable info.
    This is not a necessary step, but by creating an extra list of whole numbers starting at zero,
    it is easier to keep track of the probability you are referencing.

    [STAT] Edit, then highlight L1

    [2nd] [INS]

    At NAME=, key: RV(or something to denote random variable) ENTER

    So, for example, to fill this list with 100 numbers from 0 to 100,

    key: [2nd] [LIST] OPS SEQ(X,X,0,100)  [STO] RV [ENTER]

2. Create the probabilities. For example, if n=10, p=.2, then key:

    [2nd] [DISTR] binompdf(10, .2) [STO] [L1] [ENTER]

    To view the table, key: [STAT] Edit [ENTER]


For the TI-82 ...................................

    use the calculator's TABLE to hold the distribution table.

    Put the formula in a safe place for now and future use this way:

    At Y0 (or any Y= location that won't be cleared) key in the formula:

    N nCr X * P^X*(1-P)^(N-X)

    Change the table setup to increase by one.

    Key: [2nd] [TblSet] TblMin=0 deltaTBL=1

    Thereafter, the only things that need to be entered are n and p.

    At the home screen, if n=10 and p=.2,

    key: 10 [STO] N [ENTER] .2 [STO] P [ENTER]

    To view the table, key: [2nd] [TABLE]