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King's Corner

Updated: Note the new address. I moved to the multi-user platform, including all existing posts. The old site will remain for archival purposes, but will no longer be updated.

Here is where I post information and links related to all of the topics you'll find on this page: Second Life (and technology in instruction), Communication, Conversation Cafés, and anything else that strikes me as related.

Conversation Cafés at PSTCC

There has been a long-running Conversation Café at Pellissippi State at the Magnolia campus. Thanks to the leadership of Don Thomas and Marsha Hupfel, more are springing up. The Conversation Cafés at PSTCC listing will tell you about them.

Second Life at PSTCC

A section of this site is devoted to possible uses of Second Life at PSTCC.

Resources for advisees

Advisees should use this page to sign up for available advising slots. This is more than just a convenience; having it online allows me to be sure I can access the advising schedule from any location, so that if something changes, I know about it.

Resources for interesting speech topics

This page represents interesting things I come across. Students sometimes say they have trouble coming up with good topics and finding resources. These are here simply to illustrate the broad availability of such material, especially if you are willing to go beyond the surface stuff that "everybody knows."

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