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Faculty Development

Committees provide a vital service to Pellissippi State Community College. Through participation in committee
activities, faculty and staff have opportunities to take part in the college's long-term development and success.
Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Dr. L. Anthony Wise, Jr., President
Pellissippi State Community College


Faculty Development Committee (FDC) of Pellissippi State Community College

Faculty Development Committee (FDC) of Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC) is made up of two
members from each academic department, with staggered terms. Meetings are held quarterly, with interim meetings
of FDC sub-committees held as project needs require.

FDC’s 2017-2018 committee membership is listed below along with the members' department affiliation.
Kellie Toon, Committee Chair

    1.  Amy Caponetti, Linda Manning - Business & Computer Technology
    2.  Patricia Roller, Damon Murrah - English
    3.  Ella Ruggles, Kristi Leach - Engineering & Media Technologies
    4.  Katie Morris, Shaquille Marsh - Liberal Arts
    5.  Janine Pino - Library
    6.  Emily Casey, Brooks Ziegler - Mathematics
    7.  Ann Kronk, Noah Kover   - Natural & Behavioral Sciences
    8.  Ronda McCown, More' Herrington - Nursing
    9.  Josh Dean - ETS
    10.  Mark Fuentes, Advisor -  Business & Computer Technology

2017-2018 initiatives of the Faculty Development Committee include:

The Pellissippi Academic Center for Excellence [PACE], Kellie Toon, Center Director

Title III Grant Project

Faculty Development Training for Instructors of Online Classes

Level 1 - Basic training in the use of D2L to be taken by all PSCC faculty

Level 2 - Required training for PSCC instructors of online courses (includes TN eCampus courses)

Faculty Resources

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Faculty Mentoring

Fall In-Service/Spring Adjunct In-service

Junior Faculty Academy

New Faculty Academy

Pellissippi Partners for Student Potential (PPSP) - Anne Pharr