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Quality Enhancement Plan

QEP Focus Statement       

The purpose of Pellissippi State's QEP, "Strong to the Core," is to improve student learning outcomes in targeted courses through increasing student engagement in core curriculum areas.

What's a QEP?

A "QEP" is a Quality Enhancement Plan, an important part of the accreditation awarded by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, or SACSCOC, for short. Every college that seeks or renews accreditation through that group must have a plan developed by the college community that will improve some aspect of student learning in a specific and measurable way. 

When did our reaccreditation happen?

Our renewal on-site visit happened on September 27, 28, and 29, 2011. A team of college educators from around the South visited each of our campuses to have conversations about our QEP plan. Our reaccreditation became official in June 2012.

How do we measure whether we’ve actually increased engagement?

We have several college-wide assessments which provide data to tell us whether the strategies are working or not. We have been collecting data from the CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement) evaluations for several years, and will now look at the results from specific questions to see if there is an increase in our students’ perception of more engagement. We also look at the exit exam and the SENSE (Survey of Entering Student Engagement) to draw conclusions about increased student learning and engagement after studying in these classes. Results from the common grading rubric used in the ENGL 1010 and SPH 2100 and the common final exam questions of MATH 1130 will also be used to draw conclusions about which classroom techniques work and which don’t. All three evaluation tools already exist, and instructors in those courses are very familiar with using them.

A large part of our challenge as a college is to share new techniques and proven teaching strategies that will allow the student/instructor interaction to be strengthened!

Quality Enhancement Plan representatives can be reached through our email address,, or by phone at 865-539-7335.

Activities linked below are examples of those conducted in classrooms across the campuses of Pellissippi State, between spring 2014 and spring 2017, as part of our Quality Enhancement Plan. The program was originally initiated in response to SACSCOC requirements but soon proved to be a practical and effective means to determine the effectiveness of classroom teaching activities. 

All activities are available to be adapted and used by others wishing to see what worked, and what did not work, for instructors as they gauged the effectiveness of their classroom activities. Examples of additional activities are available in the Faculty Development office, AL 202.

Spring 2017

English/ESOL, Ekateryna O'Meara

Liberal Arts/HIST 1010, HIST 1020, Amanda Carr-Wilcoxson

Liberal Arts/MUS 1722, Caitlin Bolden

Liberal Arts/SOCI 1010, Angela Pollock

Liberal Arts/SPCH2100, Susan Childress




Links to Dynamic Forms

QEP Pre-Activity Report - This will open the Dynamic Forms login page. Enter your PSCC username and password to open the form.

QEP Post-Activity Report - This will open the Dynamic Forms login page. Enter your PSCC username and password to open the form.

The URLs above link to the Pre-Activity and Post-Activity Assessment Reports. While formal reporting for classroom activities is ended, these forms will remain available for instructors who would like to use them as a format for assessing the effectiveness of activities used in the future. We would encourage faculty members to submit to the Faculty Development office any activities they would like to share with colleagues across PSCC campuses. The activities can still be submitted through the Dynamic Forms or to the QEP email address:

The following link provides access to the Student Survey form, a printable page with two forms per page. Comments can be added on the reverse side of the form.
Student Survey (semantic differential)

  Quality Assurance/Performance Funding Reports

  Quality Enhancement Plan Annual Report Sections






The links below provide access to recertification documents provided in 2012 to SACSCOC by Pellissippi State and the Quality Enhancement Plan.

Quality Enhancement Plan:  Strong to the Core

Addendum to the Quality Enhancement Plan