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QEP Activities Examples and Links to Pedagogical Resources

Browse the collection of books available to faculty and staff in the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) library in AL202 and in the PSCC Library.

Whether you are looking for hints on designing classroom activities, assessment of

activities, or the latest book being used by a Faculty Reading Group, check with us!


              QEP Highlights Weeks Activities 

Amy Caponetti, BUSN 2330-Principles of Management

Allison Elledge, HIST 1120-World Civilization II

Leonel Glees, SPAN 2010-Intermediate Spanish I

Patty Ireland, ENGL 1010-English Composition I, Activity I

Patty Ireland, ENGL 1010-English Composition I, Activity II

Kathleen Johnston, HIST 2010-U.S. History I

Angela Lunsford, NURS 2150-Lifespan Nursing II

Ellen Matheny, MATH 1130-College Algebra, Activity I

Ellen Matheny, MATH 1530-Elementary Probability & Statistics, Activity II

Marion Orrick, SOCI 1010-Introduction to Sociology

Marty Salter, SPCH 2100-Public Speaking

Maria Sills, SPAN 1010-Beginning Spanish I

Shanna Smith, PSYC 1030-General Psychology


      Resources for Development of Active Learning Strategies

Donn King's Corner

MERLOT Pedagogy Resources

Honolulu Community College, Faculty Development Teaching Tips Index

   Krathwohl 2002 Bloom's Taxonomy Revised and Applied