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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payments on my fees?

Fall & Spring Terms
Students may begin making payments for classes as soon as they register. Although all charges are due and payable in full at the beginning of each term, students in good financial standing at Pellissippi State may be eligible for the Deferred Payment Plan.

  • The minimum down payment is equal to a $20 service fee plus 50% of semester fees (after deducting all financial aid).
  • A late fee of $25 will be charged for any payment that is not received on or before the due date. (Maximum charge of $50 per semester).
  • Students WILL NOT receive a bill in the mail but are still required to make all payments on time.
  • Complete withdrawal from all classes DOES NOT release student from debt obligation and late fees apply.

Summer Term
The college payment plan is not available summer semester. Students may begin making payments for classes during the early registration period, but all charges are due in full at the beginning of each term.

All fee payment deadlines must be met to avoid deletion of the student schedule.

Can you talk to my mom/dad/wife/husband about my account?

Due to the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA) we can only discuss a student’s account with the student. If the student wishes us to be able to speak with someone else about their account they must grant us permission. Contact the Records Office at 865.694.6568 or follow the instructions for the Disclosure of Records.

What if the check I wrote for fees is returned unpaid from the bank?

  • A $30 returned check fee will be charged to the student account. The account balance may also show a $20 late fee, when applicable.
  • The student account will be placed on hold.
  • A letter will be mailed to the address shown on the front of the check allowing the student 10 days to redeem the check and clear the student account.
  • The student will be dropped from all classes if the check is not redeemed. The account will remain on hold until the $30 returned check fee is paid.

Will my fees change if I'm adding classes?

  • If you add credit hours, you may owe additional fees. You may not receive a bill in the mail but are responsible for paying by the fee payment due dates.
  • If you add a class and decide not to attend the class, you must take the necessary steps to drop it from your schedule. You will not be automatically dropped from the class by the Cashier's office. Your fees will be adjusted based on the refund/adjustment dates in effect on the date of your drop. (See next question for Refund Policy information)

What is the College Refund Policy?

The Tennessee Board of Regents has instituted a system wide policy for calculating refunds and fee adjustments. Under the guidelines, fee adjustments will be based on courses dropped; and it is possible that certain adjustments will result in no refund after the fee adjustment period.

These guidelines will primarily affect full-time students taking more than 12 hours who -- during a fee adjustment period -- adjust their schedules to below 12 hours, including complete withdrawal. Students who fall into this category will be assessed a prorated fee for the dropped hours.

Fee Adjustment Calculations

The fee adjustment calculations are based on the courses dropped; therefore, not all schedule adjustments will result in a reduced fee assessment after the fee adjustment calculation. Fee adjustment estimator calculations are approximate. Actual adjustment amounts may vary based on individual student enrollment. To calculate fee adjustments under this policy, the following formula will be used:

[((# Hours Dropped * Multiplier) + # Hours Remaining) * (Per Hour Rate)] – (prior fee assessment) = Potential Fee Adjustment/Refund

Fee Adjustment Period Multiplier
100% 0.00
75% 0.25
25% 0.75
After the 25% refund period has concluded   1.00

Formula Breakdown:

Billing Hours = ((# Hours Dropped * Multiplier) + # Hours Remaining)

(Billing Hours * Per Hour Rate) = How much the Student Owes for the term

How much the student owes – (prior fee assessment) = Potential Fee Adjustment/Refund

(For Fall and Spring semesters, Per Hour Rate differs for 12 hours or more - see current fee schedule

Important Notes:  These calculations apply to tuition only - for potential refund and for prior fee assessment

How will I receive my refund if I drop classes or a class was canceled?

Pellissippi State will begin processing fee adjustments beginning approximately two weeks after the end of each refund period. It takes several weeks to process all the fee adjustments. The college will deduct from proposed refunds any amount owed by the student to the college.

  1. Fee adjustments for fees paid by credit card will be credited back to the card used to pay fees. If payment is made with multiple credit card accounts, refunding will be based on the order payment was received, i.e., the last (most recent) card used to make a payment for the current term will be credited first up to the full amount paid on that card, then the second card will be credited, etc. It will be the responsibility of the credit card holders to apportion any refund amongst themselves. If the card used to pay fees is no longer active a refund check will be mailed to the student. Refunding will begin approximately two weeks after the end of each refund period.
  2. Fee adjustments for fees paid by Cash, Check or Money Order, will be mailed to you approximately two weeks after the end of each refund period. Please make sure that Pellissippi State has your correct mailing address because having outdated mailing information may increase the time it takes to receive your check.
  3. Fee adjustments for students on the Deferred Fee Payment Plan will cause a recalculation of installment payment amounts. Students are still responsible for any unpaid tuition, fees, and other charges after fee adjustments are made.
  4. Fee adjustments for students who receive financial aid may be returned to the financial aid program and/or applied to the balances owed to the college. This also applies to accounts paid by any third party sponsor, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran's Administration, Waivers or Discounts.
  5. Refunds less than $5 must be claimed at the Cashier's Office at any campus during normal office hours.

When/How will I receive my financial aid refund?

Pellissippi State releases financial aid refunds one of two ways:*

  1. Receive an Electronic Deposit
    - To have your financial aid funds electronically deposited you must Create a Refund Profile through your myPellissippi account. (See next question for step-by-step instructions). Note: Electronic refunds are processed first.
  2. Receive a check by mail
    - Please verify that the college has your correct MAILING address, because having outdated mailing information may increase the time it takes to receive your check.

Regardless how you choose to receive your financial aid refunds the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must be registered and have satisfactory academic progress by attending classes
  2. Your financial aid must actually be credited to your student account (not a memo/authorized entry)
  3. You must not have any financial aid holds
  4. Your account balance must be a credit balance
  5. If this is your first loan, you must complete the entrance interview

Note: dropping hours could affect your eligible award amount and cause a delay in processing your refund.

*Also please note, that if a credit card payment(s) was made for your tuition and fees, the credit card may be refunded up to the amount of the payment.  Any additional refund due would be issued as stated above.

How do I sign up for text message alerts of my bill and scheduled payments?

  • Step 1:   Log into your myPellissippi account
  • Step 2:   Select the Your Account box
  • Step 3:   Select More Options
  • Step 4:   Select Account Management Center
  • Step 5:   Select Continue (if prompted for your University ID and PIN, your session has timed out.
                  Please completely exit the internet browser and start the process over)
  • Step 6:   Select the My Profiles tab
  • Step 7:   Enter the mobile phone number and mobile carrier
  • Step 8:   Select Save Changes

How can I have my financial aid funds electronically deposited to my checking account?

  • Log into your myPellissippi account
  • Locate Your Account box
  • Select Direct Deposit/Payments for Previous Terms
  • Select Continue (If prompted for your University ID and PIN, your session has timed out. Please completely exit the internet browser and start the process over.)
  • Select the eRefunds tab
  • Select the Set up Account button
  • Fill out Bank Account Information
  • Select Continue
  • Read the agreement & Click on the box beside I Agree
  • Select Continue

Please Note:
- Students are responsible for keeping this information current and up to date. Out of date information will result in a delay of processing your electronic deposit.
- Also, Pellissippi State will never take money from your account unless you authorize a payment to the college.

Am I eligible to charge books/supplies in the bookstore and have it deducted from my financial aid?

Pellissippi State has arranged with Follett, a division of Nebraska Book Company, to allow our students receiving financial aid assistance to purchase books. You will be eligible to charge books if your total semester award minus your fees leaves a balance due to you. Charges may be made at all five college locations per the dates below.  Students will need to have their PSCC ID number and a photo ID with them in order to charge to their approved account.

Spring 2020 - Charging begins on Monday, January 13 and ends on Friday, January 24.

Summer 2020 - Charging begins on Wednesday, May 20 and ends on Thursday, May 28.

Fall 2019 - Charging begins on Monday, August 19 and ends on Friday, August 30.

Bookstore hours of operation are posted at each location.