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Equipment Accounting

Staff Directory

Elisa Simmons, Financial Analyst

Phone: 865-539-7095
Fax: 865-539-7041
Location: Hardin Valley Campus, Goins 224


Tanza Leatherwood, Grants Fiscal Clerk

Phone: 865-694-6553
Fax: 865-539-7041
Location: Hardin Valley Campus, Goins 227A



General Information

The Equipment Accounting department functions to maintain an accurate record of Pellissippi State’s capital equipment and sensitive item inventories. This accuracy is assured by using the Banner system to create records for new acquisitions, to dispose of surplus property and to initiate a college-wide annual inventory verification.


Policies, Procedures, Guidelines & Forms

Disposal of Surplus Personal Property

Equipment Inventory and Property Control

Equipment Usage

Fixed Assets and Sensitive Minor Equipment 

Missing Property 

Missing Property Control Form

Transfer of Equipment Form


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my purchase needs to be tagged?

A piece of equipment must be tagged if the cost is $5,000 or greater. For equipment costing between $500 and $4,999.99, it will be tagged if it is movable in nature and is determined to be particularly vulnerable to theft. This determination is made by the Vice President of Business and Finance.


What do I do if I am the custodian of a piece of equipment that is lost or stolen?

Contact Security immediately at 694-6649. Security will investigate the disappearance and will document the situation with an incident report. If the item is not immediately located, contact the Inventory Control Manager at or 539-7066 to receive a “Missing Equipment Control Form” to begin the process of adjusting inventory records for the loss.


How do I transfer a piece of equipment from my custody to someone else?

Notify the Inventory Control Manager at or 539-7066 of any custodian changes. The transfer will be confirmed with the receiving custodian and recorded in the system.


How do I transfer a piece of equipment from one location to another? 

Notify the Inventory Control Manager at or 539-7066.


What are my responsibilities if I am the custodian of a piece of equipment?

The equipment custodian is responsible for all aspects of the equipment assigned to them. Any changes in custody or location should be reported in a timely manner to the Inventory Control Manager. Any loss or theft must be immediately reported to Security. Items that are no longer in use should be surplused. The custodian should be aware of the location and condition of the equipment assigned to them at all times.  The custodian is responsible for signing the annual inventory reports to signify that each equipment item listed has been verified.


What do I do if my department no longer uses a particular equipment item?

If you are aware of any other department that can use the item, arrange for a transfer of the equipment to that department. Otherwise, contact the Inventory Control Manager at or 539-7066 to request that the item be surplused.


What happens if a third party gives me a piece of equipment for college use?

All equipment donations must be coordinated with the Pellissippi State Foundation at 694-6525.


Can I take a piece of equipment off campus?

Proper authorization must be received prior to removing any piece of equipment from campus. If you are the custodian of the equipment, this authorization would come from your supervisor. If you are checking the equipment out from a college service center, the equipment must be signed out from that area. The replacement of damaged or lost college equipment with that of equal value is the responsibility of the employee when negligence is the cause.  The Business and Finance office will work out the terms of any such replacement.