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Travel Procedures

General Requirements

Travel Request Procedures

Travel Advances

Travel Claim/Reimbursement of Expenses

Local Travel Guidelines

Summary of Allowable Travel Expenses

General Requirements

  1. A Travel Authorization Request form must be entered in PelliBiz to obtain prior authorization for an employee to travel. The request must have completed the approval process within PelliBiz before the travel begins.  For questions, call 694-6614 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  2. A Travel Claim for travel expenses form must be entered and submitted in PelliBiz within thirty (30) days after travel is completed. The claim form allows reimbursement to the employee of all allowable expenses. A memo of explanation must accompany all claim forms submitted after thirty (30) days.
  3. Once the travel claim has completed the approval process within PelliBiz, allow four (4) working days to process reimbursement. Pellissippi State processes checks on Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. Regular full-time instructors who teach classes at multiple sites may be paid a travel allowance for travel between these sites. The only miles which can be claimed under this policy are miles traveled from site #1 to site #2 or additional sites as appropriate and the return mileage to the original teaching site. Commuting miles to site #1 or miles home from the original teaching site will not be reimbursed.

    Example 1: When teaching Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the Hardin Valley Campus and Tuesday, Thursday at the Blount County Campus, mileage reimbursement cannot be claimed. Each site is considered the daily site campus since travel between sites is not required.

    Example 2: When teaching at the Blount County site then traveling to the Hardin Valley Campus on the same day to teach, mileage reimbursement can be claimed. Mileage will be reimbursed using the standard mileage scale between sites as listed in the college travel procedures.

  5. Mileage for office hours, meetings, demonstrations, advising or other work-related, non-teaching activities will not be reimbursed.
  6. Part-time faculty are not eligible for local travel reimbursement.

Travel Request Procedures

Approval must be obtained before any travel occurs. To obtain approval, complete a Travel Authorization Request form in PelliBiz and submit for the appropriate approvals. The Travel Authorization Request is completed in the following manner:

  1. Indicate the purpose, place, and date of the trip in narrative form on the lines provided.
    If travel is to attend a conference, convention, or meeting, a brochure and/or agenda must be attached. This provides essential information necessary for registration, room, and meal reimbursements.

    Example:"To attend a TBR-sponsored training session in Nashville, TN on February 4-6, 2012". or "To attend AACC convention to be held in Daytona, FL on March 9-11, 2012".
  2. Provide date, time and destination information.

  3. If traveling by automobile, indicate owner, make, and license number as requested.

    1. A state car must be used if available. Email to reserve a state car.

    2. If a state car is unavailable, a non-availability statement will be provided by the Motor Pool department. This statement is required for mileage reimbursement and must be attached to the Travel Claim form.

  4. Account Budget Information

    1. Provide the appropriate Index number.

    2. Provide the appropriate the Account code.  (Example:  73100 is for in-state travel or 73200 is for out-of-state travel)

  5. Estimated Costs

    1. Each employee is responsible for making all travel arrangements. Pellissippi State employees may use the college-approved agency with travel planning. Call 694-6614 for the name of the agency.

      1. The travel agency will make all airline reservations. The travel agency representative will contact the Travel Clerk for a travel authorization. The authorization number is given after an approved Request for Travel is received in Accounts Payable. Airline tickets are paid by Pellissippi State prior to travel when booked through the college travel agency. Call 694-6614 with any questions.

      2. The college travel agency may also make hotel/motel reservations or the employee may contact the hotel/motel directly. The employee is responsible for all required deposits. Lodging reimbursement is made at the conference rate with proper documentation.

      3. When using web sites to make travel arrangements, documentation is required to show conformance with state rates. Reimbursement will not be processed until travel has been completed.

      4. For travel by automobile, mileage is reimbursed at $0.47 per mile when a state car is unavailable. Maximum mileage is determined by the Rand-McNalley Road Atlas, the Official Tennessee State Map or reputable web sites. Refer to Summary of Allowable Travel Expenses for commonly used locations. For all other locations, call 694-6614.

    2. To determine meal costs when overnight travel is involved, refer to Summary of Allowable Travel Expenses.

    3. Registration fees will be prepaid if requested on the travel authorization request form. The registration form must be completed in ink or typed and attached to the Travel Authorization Request form. The approved request must be received in Accounts Payable allowing adequate time for processing payment and mail delivery to meet the registration deadline.

    4. List all expected expenses in the section titled" Itemize Expenses" and total. Items bolded require that receipts be scanned and attached to the Travel Claim form.
      Note: Original receipts must be retained by payee for the period of 3 years or through a state audit cycle.  Failure to produce original receipts will require the payee to reimburse the college for payments received.

  6. Approval Process

    1. Indicate position or title of employee requesting travel.

    2. The Request for Travel form is then submitted to the financial manager for approval before being routed for remaining approvals.

Travel Advances

Employees are not eligible for advance.

Students traveling under individual authorization may be advanced 100 percent of the amount authorized. The Request for Travel Approval form must be received in the Accounts Payable office four (4) working days before the advance is needed. The request for advance must be noted on the Request for Travel form.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

  1. A Travel Claim for expenses form must be submitted to claim reimbursement of travel expenses. Claims not submitted within thirty (30) days must have a written explanation for the delay. The explanation should be forward to the Vice President of Business and Finance for approval prior to reimbursement.

  2. Expenses must be separated by day. Daily expenses should be written on separate lines of the claim form. The Travel Claim form must include the following:

    1. Departure date, place, time and destination, and arrival time must be clearly indicated in the space provided. This information is essential to determine reimbursement amounts.

    2. When driving a personal car, a statement from the Motor Pool department is required indicating that a state vehicle was not available. Local vicinity travel should be indicated on a separate line. Amount is calculated at $0.47 per mile.

    3. Enter hotel cost, up to the maximum allowable plus tax, and attach the receipt

    4. Enter allowable meal cost, or per diem in the applicable boxes. Use a separate line for each date of travel.

    5. Enter any miscellaneous charges where indicated. Local and long-distance business calls are allowable but must be reasonable in length and purpose. The date, name of person called, and purpose of the call must be documented to receive reimbursement. Parking, taxi fares, bus fares, subway fares, tolls, and ferry fees are reimbursable. Receipts are required.

    6. Provide a total of the expenses per line and a grand total at the bottom of the page.

    7. The form is forwarded to the financial manager for approval and then forwarded to the Accounts Payable office via the PelliBiz system.

Local Travel Guidelines

  1. Local travel is defined as non-routine travel within a 100-mile radius. All local travel should occur in such a way as to minimize the expense to the college. Excessive claims will be considered questionable and subject to denial.

    1. For local travel claims, the purpose of the trip(s) must be stated.

    2. Dates, places and times, are required.

    3. A state vehicle must be utilized when available.

    4. Reimbursement will be based on direct route mileage.

    5. Claims must be submitted within thirty (30) days.

  2. No reimbursement for expenses shall be made for transportation to or from an employee's daily work site. The daily work site is defined as his/her area of employment activity, e.g., office headquarters, campus, or designated location of an employee. No reimbursement shall be made for routine travel between the daily work site and the Hardin Valley Campus for staff meetings.

    1. The daily work site of administrative and support staff shall be designated by the appropriate supervisor. The daily work site for faculty is determined by the faculty member schedule and may be reviewed and changed each semester upon recommendation of the appropriate supervisor and the Vice President of Academics Affairs.

    2. It is normally expected that the daily work site is the location the employee spends the day performing his/her normal duties.

    3. When required local travel is completed by an employee leaving from or returning to campus sites, reimbursable mileage is direct route mileage between the sites.

    4. If an employee is required to be on-call in case of an emergency (as determined by his/her job description, e.g. to answer an alarm, either overnight or on weekends) the employee is eligible for reimbursement from his or her residence or the location at which the employee receives the call.

    5. An employee will be reimbursed using the most direct route mileage.

    6. Receipts are required for reimbursement of parking fees incurred during local travel.

    7. If a state car is reserved for local travel and later a vehicle request is made for non-local travel, a "no car available" form will be provided. The employee will be reimbursed using the most direct route mileage when the travel is non-routine.

Summary of Allowable Travel Expenses


Standard mileage rate is $0.47 per mile

Standard Mileage Scale from Pellissippi State


Blount County Campus


Division Street Campus




Magnolia Avenue Campus


McGhee Tyson Airport


Oak Ridge


Roane State - Harriman


Strawberry Plains Campus


University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Walter State - Morristown



Mileage Between Satellite Campuses:

Blount County Campus to Division Street Campus


Blount County Campus to Magnolia Avenue Campus


Blount County Campus to Strawberry Plains Campus


Division Street Campus to Magnolia Avenue Campus


Division Street Campus to Strawberry Plains Campus


Magnolia Avenue Campus to Strawberry Plains Campus














Johnson City









In-State and Out-of-State Meals and Incidentals Allocated

Level II & III


Level I











$ 13.00

$ 13.00

$ 14.00

$ 16.00

$ 17.00

$ 18.00






















Per diem rate

$ 55.00

$ 56.00

$ 61.00

$ 66.00

$ 71.00

$ 76.00

Single meal reimbursement while on non-local travel status may be determined using the above table.  Columns (A) and (E) are used for in-state travel as determined by the Tennessee Board of Regents policy. Columns (A) through (F) are used for out-of-state-travel as determined by CONUS.

In-State Meals and Incidentals

Day of Travel

Level I



Level II



Level III



Reimbursement is made using per diem when overnight travel is required. The day of departure and day of return is reimbursable at seventy-five percent (75%) of per diem.


In-State - Level I

$179.00 + tax

In-State - Level II

$129.00 + tax

In-State - Level III

$ 94.00 + tax

Level I rates apply to Davidson County (Nashville) only.

Level II rates apply to:


Hamilton County

Knox County

Montgomery County

Pigeon Forge

Putnam County

Rutherford County

Shelby County

Sullivan County

Washington County

Williamson County


Tennessee State Parks include Fall Creek Falls, Henry Horton, Montgomery Bell, Natchez Trace, Paris Landing, and Pickwick.

Level III rates apply to all other cities and counties not listed above.

Out-of-State Per Diem Rates

CONUS rates for travel outside the State of Tennessee can be located on the US General Services Administration web page

Out-of-Country Per Diem Rates

Maximum Per Diem



Miscellaneous Items

Maximum parking fees of $8.00 per day is allowed without a receipt when incurred for non-local travel. Parking fees incurred during local travel require a receipt regardless of the amount claimed.

Maximum limousine and taxi fares of $25.00 are allowed without a receipt for necessary ground transportation. Ground transportation claims in excess of $25.00 require a receipt for reimbursement.

Maximum fees for handling of equipment or promotional materials of $20.00 per hotel/motel are allowed.