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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make purchases?

  1. By completing a Purchase Requisition in PelliBiz
    • The Requisition form or Catalog Order will be completed by the staff requesting the order and Submitted or Assigned to the financial manager and their supervisor for approval.  NOTE:  Additional comments or information should be added in the Internal Notes and Attachments section of the requisition, not in the product description.
    • If the requested purchase involves computer hardware or software a Request for Computer Hardware or Software* form must be completed and attached to the requisition via the Internal Notes and Attachments section.

    PLEASE NOTE: Pellissippi State is not responsible for payment of any merchandise or service ordered without preparation and processing of a purchase order prior to order placement.

  2. By making purchases through Petty Cash (click here for Petty Cash instructions)

For a more detailed explanation on making purchases, please refer to 05:07:00 Purchasing Policy

What descriptive terms should be given when requisitioning for products or services?

  • The description of products or services should provide complete specifications, including size, color, grade, catalog name, catalog number and brand name.

Who has to approve requisitions?

  • The Financial Manager (budgetary official) of the Index code being used along with their supervisor and/or Vice President.  Note:  Once a cart is 'Submitted' in PelliBiz it will be forward to the appropriate persons for approval.

Do I add shipping costs to requisitions?

  • Shipping charges should be included on requisitions, even if they are estimated.

I would like to preview a product, what should I do?

  • To preview merchandise, a requisition is required.
    • The requisition should be submitted at a cost of the item to be reviewed.
    • Requisitions should clearly be marked that the request is "for preview only".
    • Upon receipt of signed requisition, a purchase order will be issued to vendor requesting preview.

What is the status of my order?

  • Orders should be given 10 - 15 days to be received. Departments should check with Shipping and Receiving to see if the order has been received. If not, contact the Purchasing department to check on the status of the order with the vendor. Departments should not call the vendor for order status.

When do orders have to be bid?

  • Orders totaling $10,000 or more must be bid. For orders that are $10,000 up to $50,000, informal, fax/telephone quotes may be obtained. For orders totaling $50,000 or more, written sealed bids are required. All bids must be conducted or coordinated through the Purchasing Office.

How do I cancel an order?

  • You must contact the Purchasing Department to cancel an order.

My order is incorrect or damaged?

  • 05:07:01 - Purchase Processing Procedures - Section IV - Returned Merchandise states:
    1. If the merchandise that has been received is incorrect or not in proper working order, the merchandise must be returned to the vendor by the Shipping/Receiving Department.
      1. Contact the Purchasing Department at 865 694-6601 to obtain a Return Authorization form. Purchasing will contact the vendor and provide the following information to the employee.
        1. Pellissippi State's Returned Goods Authorization (RTG) number
        2. Vendor's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number
      2. Complete a Return Authorization form listing all requested information. Retain the a copy for department records.
      3. Package the merchandise for return to the vendor. Include in the package the a copy of the Return Authorization form and a photocopy of the invoice, if available.
      4. Contact Shipping/Receiving at ext. 6432 to arrange for the merchandise to be returned. At the time of the return the Return Authorization form will be signed and dated by the department employee who is returning the package as well as by the Shipping/Receiving employee who is receiving the package.
        1. At no time should the merchandise be returned to a vendor without notifying the Purchasing Department.
        2. The return of the merchandise must be handled by the Shipping/Receiving Department.
    2. The departmental account will be credited upon verification of the returned shipment.

What is a Computer Hardware or Software Request form? When do I need one?

  • The Request for Computer Hardware or Software* form gathers pertinent information on computer purchases. This form is required to be attached to requisitions requesting computer hardware or software. This form is reviewed by Information Services staff to assure compatibility with existing systems and/or college ability to support and maintain requested items. Information Services staff review the request before a purchase order is issued.

*To use these forms you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. Once installed, these forms may be completed, printed, and saved to your computer.


- Use the Tab key to move forward through the form.
- Use the Shift + Tab to move backwards through the form.
- Some entries are check boxes and require the mouse to be used to check (or uncheck) the box.
- To print, go to File and then to Print.
- The data you fill out on these forms is not submitted electronically. A printed form must be submitted for processing and signatures must be original (where applicable)