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Purchasing General Information

Departments may purchase items through two avenues only: Purchase Requisition or Petty Cash.

The petty cash process operates as follows:

  • Petty Cash purchases are limited to $250 per day, (increased amount with prior approval) per Index number.  
  • Sales tax is not reimbursed for college purchases.
  • Gift Cards of any kind cannot be purchased through Petty Cash.
  • Employees locate and pay for the needed items.  Note:  Services and Memberships cannot be reimbursed using petty cash.  A purchase order must be issued for services and/or memberships of any type.
  • Employees complete a Petty Cash form in the PelliBiz site, scan and attach the receipt(s), and submit to the financial manager and their supervisor for approval.  Original receipts must show details of items purchased and type of payment.
  • Original receipts must be retained by the payee for a period of three (3) years or through a state audit cycle.   Failure to produce original receipts will require the payee to reimburse the college for payments received.
  • After review and audit by Business Services staff:
    • Reimbursement to the employee will be made by direct deposited
    • The employee will be notified by email when the reimbursement is completed
    • The department is charged.

The Purchasing Office processes all other purchases with the following process:

  • Employees complete a requisition from in PelliBiz and submit to their financial manager and their supervisor for approval. A Request for Computer Hardware or Software request form is also completed and attached via the Internal Notes and Attachment section of the requisition form if the requested order includes hardware or software items.
  • Purchases totaling $10,000 or more must be bid with at least three (3) vendors.
  • Purchases totaling $50,000 or more must be bid with at least 15 vendors.
  • Occasionally, purchases that total less than $10,000 require a bid. Purchases are reviewed on a department basis concerning totals by vendor and totals by item group.

Purchasing Notes:

  • The college is not responsible for payment of any items not properly processed by the Purchasing Office in advance of the order or approved for petty cash reimbursement.
  • The Purchasing Office processes all bids.

Please review the purchasing processing procedures for additional information.