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Vendor Information

Authorized Signatures

No employee of the College has authority to make any purchase commitment, enter into any contract for materials or supplies, or otherwise take action with any third parties which may be constructed as financially binding to the College except through the authority of the Purchasing department, unless specifically authorized in writing by the President. The purchasing department will receive bids and enter into negotiations with suppliers.


Pellissippi State Community College is TAX EXEMPT from both State of Tennessee and Federal Tax. A certificate of Exemption may be completed upon request of the vendor.

Federal I.D. Number

Furnished upon request.

Credit References

A letter of credit will be furnished upon request.

Billing Instructions

  • Invoice should include the Purchase Order Number on the face of the invoice.
  • Invoice should show all cash and trade discounts.
  • Invoices should be sent to: Pellissippi State Community College, ATTN: Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 22990, Knoxville, TN 37933-0990.

Business with Pellissippi State Community College

  • Vendors must be a registered vendor/supplier for Pellissippi State Community College.
  • Vendors must submit the Vendor Application Form with Commodity listing. This form may be downloaded and submitted by mail. Click here to download the Vendor Application *

This registration is important in doing business with Pellissippi State Community College.

* Viewing this material requires the latest version of Adobe Reader software be installed on your computer.  Once installed, this material may be completed, printed, and saved to your computer.

Vendor Application Form

Registration does not guarantee that you will receive bids/request for proposals. We ask that you contact the Purchasing Department after you have submitted your application to become familiar with the personnel that generally process the commodities that you wish to quote.

  • Please do not accept promises from other College departments that you will be given an order.
  • We are serious about your business and will expect you to honor all pricing, delivery, and service agreements.
  • Please do not offer any gifts or gratuities to any College employees.

We encourage a competitive environment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the purchasing process that you participate in, please contact the Purchasing Office at 865-694-6601.