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Accounts Receivable

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10915 Hardin Valley Rd
PO Box 22990
Knoxville, TN 37933-0990
Goins Bldg, Room 214
Office:  865.539.7030
Fax:  865.539.7339

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for a student account owed?

  1. Pay Online by personal check, MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express
      • Log into your myPellissippi account
      • Look under Your Account
      • Click on Direct Deposit/Payment for Previous Terms
      • Click on Continue button
      • Click on the Make a Payment box, follow the steps & you are done!
    • Notice:  if you are not enrolled in the current semester at PSCC you may not be able to access your myPellissippi account and would need to Pay in Person or By Mail.
  2. Pay in Person at the Cashier's Office during normal office hours.
    Pellissippi State accepts
    • Cash
    • Personal check or money order
    • MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express
    • Also, for your convenience there is an after hours drop box located at the Cashier's window at the Hardin Valley, Blount County, and Magnolia Avenue campus' ONLY. Include the Student ID number on the face of the check or money order. (Please do not leave cash.)
  3. Pay by Mail checks or money orders should be
    • made payable to Pellissippi State
    • include the student's campus-wide ID on the face of the check
    • be mailed to the Cashier's Office, P.O. Box 22990, Knoxville, TN 37933.

Who do I contact if I have been receiving phone calls from a collection agency?

  • William & Fudge, Inc.  1-800-849-9791
  • General Revenue  1-800-234-1472
  • Coast Professional  1-888-815-2843

I forgot to turn in my telecourse tapes and now I'm being billed.

Telecourse tapes should be turned in by the last day of finals. If you did not turn them in you are probably being billed for the cost of the tapes and a $5 processing fee.

What now?

  • If the tapes are returned within 30 days, the cost of the tapes will be credited to your account, and all you will have to pay is the $5 processing fee.
  • If the tapes are NOT returned within 30 days, you will be responsible for the costs of the tapes and the processing fee. Your account will remain on hold until paid in full.
Questions concerning refunds - Please call 694-6593.

Returned Check Questions

What if the check I wrote for fees is returned unpaid by the bank?

  • A $30 returned check fee will be charged to the student account. The account balance may also show a $20 late fee, when applicable.
  • The student account will be placed on hold.
  • A letter will be mailed to the address shown on the front of the check allowing the student 10 days to redeem the check and clear the student account.  An email will also be sent to the student's official college email address notifying them of the returned check.
  • The student may be dropped from all classes if the check is not redeemed. The account will remain on hold until the $30 returned check fee is paid.

Traffic Fine Questions

I received a parking ticket, how can I appeal?

Appeals can be filed using one of the following methods:

  • Obtain an appeal form in person in the Safety and Security Office.
  • File an appeal on-line by clicking here.

The appeal request must be presented within 14 days of the issue date on the citation.

What if I received a parking ticket, but this is not my car?

Please call 694-6646.

Deferred Payment Plan Questions

Will a late fee be added if I make a partial payment on the amount due by the specified due date?

YES. The remaining balance has been divided into two installments for your convenience. If each payment is not received by each due date, a $25 late fee will be charged to your account.

Will another late fee be added if the $25 late fee is still outstanding by the second payment due date?

YES. If a late fee has been added to the amount due, it must be paid as well, to clear the first installment. It will work just as a partial payment and a late fee will still be assessed.

What is the Deferred Payment Late Fee?

This $25 nonrefundable fee is charged to the student account if the current amount is not received in the Cashier's Office by the payment due date.

What is the Deferred Payment Service Charge?

This $20 nonrefundable fee is charged to all students electing the payment plan for fee payment.

Will my account be turned over to a collection agency if all payments have not been paid by the specified time?

YES. All deferred payment plan accounts are subject to collections, to include collection fees, if the account has not been paid in full after the standard billing process.

If I withdraw from all classes will I still owe fees?

Students who drop or withdraw from classes may still have a balance due under the deferred payment plan. Fees are adjusted based on the drop or withdrawal date. The refund percentage is NOT applied to the balance due, but rather as a percentage of adjustment of total fees. A refund would only be issued to the student if the newly adjusted amount of fees is less than the amount that has been paid by the student.

For example: If a student’s total fees are $671.00 the student would pay $355.50 (1/2 of the fees plus the $20 service charge) to enroll in the payment plan. If the student then withdraws during a refund period and their reduced fee total is $450.00 the student would not be eligible for a refund. The student paid only $355.50 and is being charged total fees of $450.00. The student still has a balance of $94.50 ($450.00-$355.50) and is not eligible for a refund.