Pellissippi State Hardin Valley Campus
Exterior of Goins Building
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Staff Directory




Office Phone


Business & Finance

Ron Kesterson

Vice President Business & Finance 865.694.6608 GN221

Marcia Lawson

Executive Assistant 865.694.6608 GN221

Accounting Services

Li Gao

Senior Accountant, Grants & Contracts 865.694.6548 GN226

Nancy Picauly-Glatt

Account Clerk 3, TNCIS & Foundation 865.539.7246 GN203B

Elisa Simmons

Financial Analyst 1 865.539.7095 GN224

Business Services

Renee' Moore

Assistant Vice President Business Services 865.694.6604 GN217

Hope Bristol

Computer Operations Specialist 865.539.7334 GN228

Carol Nicolls

Functional Support Technician 865.539.7027 GN230

Bethany Thompson

Information Processing Specialist 865.539.7063 GN218

Purchasing & Auxiliary Services

John Clark

Director of Purchasing & Auxiliary Services 865.694.6601 GN218

Accounts Payable

Debra Clark

Manager of Payables 865.694.6602 GN223B

Robin Davis

Computer Operations Specialist 865.694.6614 GN223A

Ginger Hamby

Accounts Payable Clerk 3 865.694.6771 GN223

Rebekah Harless

Accounts Payable Clerk 2 865.694.6658 GN223


Mandy Bentz

Bursar 865.539.7203 GN158

Dale Bohanan

Functional Support Technician 865.694.6407 GN158

Cashier's Office

Eileen Maynard

Account Clerk Supervisor 865.694.6603 GN158

Jessica Merritt

Account Clerk 3, Hardin Valley 865.694.6606 GN158

Kassandra Mether

Technical Clerk, Blount County 865.981.5334 BL118

Jenny Quillen

Technical Clerk, Magnolia Avenue 865.329.3104 MA107

Nancy Wright

Technical Clerk, Division Street 865.971.5212 DV102

Accounts Receivable

Brenda Johnson

Information Processing Specialist,
Receivables Supervisor 865.694.6613 GN214

Stacie Griffiths

Accounts Receivable Clerk 3 865.539.7254 GN214

Laura Overton

Accounts Receivable Clerk 3 865.539.7030 GN214


Regina McNew

Director of Facilities 865.694.6650 PH126

Karen Ghezawi

Technical Clerk 865.694.6618 PH124

Todd Howard

Horticulture Technician 2 865.694.6641 PH125

Kevin Keithley

Maintenance Scheduler 865.539.7096 PH132

Michael Noe

HVAC Supervisor 865.694.6618 PH104

Rickey Spencer

Housekeeping Supervisor 865.539.7273 PH127

Travis Whitson

Central Shipping & Receiving Supervisor 865.539.7066 PH105


Nancy Donahue

Director of Budget & Payroll 865.694.6541 GN219A

Katrina McDaniel

Payroll Manager 865.539.7065 GN219

Tanza Leatherwood

Payroll Specialist 865.694.6709 GN219

Donna Pasternak

Functional Support Technician 865.694.6527 GN219

Safety & Security

Fred Breiner

Director of Safety & Security 865.539.7144 GN101C

Terry Crowe, Jr.

Security Officer Supervisor 865.694.6646 GN101C

Karen Henry

Technical Clerk 865.694.6646 GN101B

John Ruppe

Security Officer Supervisor 865.694.6619 GN101C

Danny Ward

Security Officer Supervisor 865.694.6619 GN101C