Apply For Financial Aid

FAFSA Introduction Video

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid:

  1. Apply For Admission: Before we are able to receive any Financial Aid information, we must have a Pellissippi State Admissions application on file. Please visit the Enrollment Guide for more information on completing the admissions process.
  2. Fill Out The FAFSA: Go to and complete the FAFSA online application (typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete). For most students, a copy of your tax return is no longer required to fill out a FAFSA. Instead, you may import tax information into the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. If you are not eligible to use this tool, you may still input your federal tax return information manually. If you are a dependent student, you will also need to import your parent's tax information (or manually input your parent's tax information if the IRS Data Retrieval Tool does not work). In order for PSCC to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR), an admissions application MUST be completed. Within five to seven business days Pellissippi will receive your FAFSA information (if you've completed an admissions application).

  3. Check For Outstanding Requirements: Within five to seven business days Pellissippi will receive* your Student Aid Report (SAR) [*if you've completed an admissions application]. Once your admissions application has been processed you will be able to login to your myPellissippi account and check for any outstanding requirements.
    • How To Check Status Of Outstanding Requirements
    • Login to myPellissippi (opens in new tab/window).
    • Click on the "Financial Aid" tab.
    • Click on "Your Requirements"
    • Click the appropriate aid year.
    • Any outstanding requirements will be shown and completed online.
  4. Check For Awards Posted To Your Account: Once you have completed all outstanding requirements and they have been processed you will be able to see any award money posted to your account through myPellissippi.
    • How To Check Awards Posted To Your Account
    • Login to myPellissippi (opens in new tab/window).
    • Click on the "Financial Aid" tab.
    • Click on "Awards Posted To Your Account"
    • Click the appropriate aid year.
    • Click on "Award Overview" tab.
    • All awards posted to your account will be shown here (towards the bottom).
  5. Confirm Your Schedule and Pay Fees: After you have registered for classes and verified that your award has been posted to your account you may confirm your schedule.

    Click here for instructions on how to confirm your courses and pay fees.

    Click here for the deadline to confirm your schedule and pay fees by by.

    Click here for financial aid disbursement dates, bookstore charge period, deadlines, and more.

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