Financial Literacy: Episode II

Student Life and Financial Aid Present...

Bring Balance to THE FORCE and your FINANCES

It is a period of great unrest. The Rebellion struggles to fend off the Empire for financial freedom. It is up to you, young Jedi Knight, to aid the Rebellion and complete the tasks before you. The experts who will be there to help you are listed below.

  1. Pellissippi Financial Aid: Do you have student loans? Do you know how much you have borrowed? Do you understand what it means to “Default” on a student loan? PSCC Financial Aid will show you where and how to track your student loans to help you in repayment and to prevent default.

  2. Regions Bank: Have you ever tried to make and live by a budget? Do you know where to start when designing a budget? What should you include in your budget? Regions Bank can assist you in designing a budget to help you take better control of your money and start to save.

  3. TN Student Assistance Corp. (TSAC): If you have student loans, talk to TSAC. They can explain all your repayment options including income-based repayment, low-income repayment, and loan forgiveness programs. Find out which program may work for you after you graduate.

  4. Y-12 Credit Union: Need a budget? Let Y-12 share with you information on steps to make a budget plan that will work for you! Making a budget can help you make sure you do not run out of money each month. A budget also will help you save for your goals and emergencies. Find out what a credit score is and how to improve yours.

  5. TN Dept of Financial Institution: What is your Credit Score? What increases or decreases your credit score? If your credit score is low, how can you raise it? Find out more about different aspects of credit from this organization.