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Hope (Lottery) Scholarship (TELS)

Keep Your Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship Award!

To retain award...

  • Student’s cannot change enrollment status within the semester and receive the scholarship for the succeeding semester. Student’s enrollment status (full-time or part-time) is determined as of the census date (14th day). If enrollment status changes, the student will lose the scholarship award forever. For extenuating circumstances, click here to view or print an appeal form.
  • Student must be continuously enrolled to maintain eligibility. This excludes the summer semester. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment will lose the scholarship award forever. For extenuating circumstances, click here to view or print an appeal form.
  • GPA requirements: At 24 and 48 attempted hours the student must have a cumulative 2.75 GPA. At 72 and 96 attempted hours the student must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA. If the student does not meet this, they can regain the award at the next benchmark if they meet the GPA requirement. Meeting the GPA requirement is the only way to regain the scholarship as the GPA requirement is not appealable.

Steps for Completing HOPE Lottery Scholarship Consortium Agreement

  1. Print the HOPE Lottery Consortium Agreement by clicking here from PSCC website, TSAC website forms or get from Home institution
  2. Complete the form with the classes that have been approved for Credit by the Home Institution. You must be enrolled at least 6 credit hours at PSCC.
  3. Sign the HOPE Lottery Consortium agreement and take to your Home institution's Financial Aid office.
  4. Go to the TSAC Student Portal and change the school on your account to PSCC for current term (note: you may have to change back to your Home institution when the PSCC term is complete).
  5. The Hope Scholarship is dependent on GPA and Attempted hours. Your Home school will need your previous semester's grades and attempted hours to complete the form and determine your HOPE Lottery eligibility. This information will not be available before PSCC's semester begins so we will not know if you are even HOPE Lottery eligible till we get the completed form from your Home School.
  6. The HOPE Scholarship will be paid at the community college rate and may not cover the full tuition at PSCC.
  7. Transient students may need to pay fees and tuition (by the Cashier’s Office due dates) to avoid deletion of their class schedule.

TN HOPE Lottery Deadlines

In order to receive the TN HOPE Lottery Scholarship, you must 1.) complete the FAFSA by the dates below 2.) verify that Pellissippi State is listed as the school which your HOPE Lottery Scholarship is being sent to via the TSAC Student Portal.

  • Fall semester: September 1
  • Spring or Summer semesters: February 1

General Eligibility Requirements:

For eligibility requirements, the specific types of Lottery Scholarships, award amounts, GPA and ACT/SAT score requirements, please refer to the information sheet from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation website.

Application Procedures:

  • Complete The FAFSA: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the information sent to Pellissippi State.
  • Make PSCC Your #1 School: Place Pellissippi State's school code (012693) as the FIRST school code listed on your FAFSA to have your lottery scholarship file come to Pellissippi State.
  • Request High School Transcript (New Students): Please have your high school send Pellissippi State a copy of your final high school transcript. We can not award lottery based on a partial transcript.
  • Check Your Award Status For Next Aid Year: Beginning in mid-July, use the student service pages (myPellissippi) to review your financial aid awards for the upcoming school year.

All TN Hope Lottery Scholarship forms are now accessible by logging into myPellissippi and clicking on the "Financial Aid" tab.

If you have problems or questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

HOPE (Lottery) Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

General Eligibility Requirements
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the information sent to Pellissippi State (012693).
  • Place Pellissippi State's school code (012693) as the first school code listed on your FAFSA.
  • Be a Tennessee resident for 1 year prior to application deadline.
  • Minimum of 25 years of age and student's (and spouse's) adjusted gross income must be $36,000 or less and MUST be an entering freshman and not have been enrolled in a postsecondary institution for at least 2 years.
  • After a student attempts 12 semester hours without the HOPE scholarship and achieves a minimum 2.75 GPA at a HOPE eligible postsecondary institution, student will then be awarded the HOPE scholarship for the next semester as long as Summer semester is not the first awarding semester.
  • All academic transcripts must be evaluated through the Admission's Office.

How to Change Your Lottery School:

  • Log into the HOPE Lottery Student Portal (TSAC) by clicking here (opens in new tab/window) to verify which school the HOPE was sent to. If another school is listed, please click on “Process a Change of Institution Request” and select Pellissippi State Community College
  • After completing this step, please fill out the HOPE Lottery Account Review Request (available within your myPellissippi account).
  • It will take several days for this request to be processed and posted to your account. Please check your myPellissippi account after three business days to see when the award is posted.

For students who first received HOPE in fall 2009 semester or thereafter

  • Award amount has increased to $3,000 per year at a 2 year institution. This award will be divided equally between fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • This award will terminate after student earns a baccalaureate degree or student has attempted 120 semesters hours or 5 years have passed from the date of initial enrollment at any post-secondary institution.

Lottery Program Contact

Arlene Davis
Information Processing Specialist
Office: 865-694-6400
Fax: 865-694-6577
E-mail: financialaid@pstcc.edu