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Regular attendance is required to receive veterans' benefit pay. Instructors are required to report non-attendance of veterans to the Veterans Affairs office which reports non-attendance to the Veteran's Administration Regional office. Payments are adjusted or canceled if attendance is not regular.

In order to receive VA education benefits for pursuit of a program of education, an individual must maintain satisfactory attendance and progress.  VA will discontinue educational assistance if you do not maintain satisfactory attendance and progress.  Attendance is unsatisfactory if the student does not attend according to the regularly prescribed standards of the educational institution in which he or she is enrolled (38 U.S.C.3034, 3474).

Drop/Add Courses

Changes to a VA student’s schedule after certification for the semester will result in an overpayment with the VA if they are not approved by the school’s VA Certifying Official in accordance with VA policy.


VA will not pay education benefits to an individual for a course from which the individual withdraws or receives a non-punitive grade (W) which is not used in computing the requirements for graduation (38 U.S.C. 3680 and §21.4136).