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Payment Problems

St Louis VA Regional Processing Office (VA-RPO)

If you have any questions regarding your VA education benefits, contact the St Louis VA RPO at 1-888-GI Bill-1(1-888-442-4551) or ask a question on the GI Bill™ website.  There have been a few instances whereby erroneous information has been given to the student.  Make sure that you write down the date, who you spoke to, and the response that you received.  In order for our office to assist you, our office will need this information in the event that we will need to report this; so other VA students do not experience the same problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Payment Problems

Q.  The Department of Veterans Affairs says I'm not eligible? What do I do?  

If the VA notifies you that you are ineligible for benefits, you should bring the letter to the appropriate PSCC Office of Veterans Affairs. Other than actual ineligibility, common reasons for DVA notification of  ineligibility include:

  • Insufficient Evidence of contribution to G.I. Bill™ or VEAP
  • Conflicting information regarding service dates
  • Failure of Department of Defense to update eligibility information in computer system *
  • Failure to provide the correct chapter number on the application for benefits
  • A name change which may make it difficult for DVA to identify the veteran
  • Confusion associated with multiple family members using benefits (ex., Harvey Holmes, Sr. and Harvey Holmes, Jr. using benefits at the same time)

Documents that may be required to resolve eligibility issues include:

  • LES's showing all G.I. Bill™ contributions made
  • Cash collection voucher showing proof of lump sum contribution
  • Copies of all DD214's to reflect ALL periods of service
  • Proof of name change (ex., marriage certificate showing both married and maiden name)

*The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does not actually determine your eligibility. The DVA interprets and acts upon eligibility information maintained and updated.by the Department of Defense. Ultimately, it is the Department of Defense that verifies or denies your eligibility to the DVA. The DVA simply communicates this information to you.

Q. Why haven’t I been certified yet?

Certification is the school’s way pf notifying the VA that you are enrolled and wish to be certified. You must complete a VA Certification of Benefits Request Form through your myPellissippi account each semester that you would like to use your GI Bill. You should allow is ten working days to process your request. *Note: you must have submitted all required documentation to create your VA file with the school before a request for certification can be processed.

Q.  I have not been paid yet. Where's my money?

Did you submit the VA Certification of Benefits Request Form for the current semester? How long ago were you certified? You can check your account via your myPellissippi for more information. It takes the VA approximately 9-12 weeks to verify new claims and/or process initial payment. Processing tends to take longer during the fall semester—the highest enrollment period of the year. If you are using the MGIB-AD or MGIB-SR GI Bills, you need to verify your attendance on the last day of each month in order to receive payment. Please see Verification of Enrollment in the menu for more information.

Q.  When I do get paid, will I get "back pay"?

Of course. Late payments will be retroactive to the first day of the term.  

Q.  VA says I'm only 1/2 time - but I'm transient at another institution. I should be getting full time payment. What do I do?

When was the transient enrollment certified? Allow DVA 8-10 weeks to process the second enrollment and add the two training times together.

Q.  My payment reflects 3/4 time enrollment, but I've added a class. I'm full time. How do I fix this?

Changes in enrollment (drop/add/withdrawal) should be reported to the school’s VA office within 5 working days. Did you report the class adjustment to the PSCC Office of Veterans Affairs at veterans@pstcc.edu? If so, have you allowed VA 4-6 weeks to process the adjustment? 

Q.  What time period does this payment cover?

You will need to call VA at 1-888-GI Bill-1  (1-888-442-4551)

Q.  I'm no longer active duty, but I'm still being paid tuition and fees only. When will I receive my full benefits?

When did you ETS? Did you provide us with a copy of your DD214? When you ETS, it is the Department of Defense's responsibility to update your duty status in the computer system relied upon by DVA to process your benefit payments. Computer system updates could take up to 90 days. By providing our office with a copy of your DD214 (Member 4 copy) you can expedite the conversion of your entitlement to "off-duty" pay. In general, allow VA 30 to 60 days to adjust your pay following receipt of the DD214.

Q.  I called the 1-888-GI Bill-1, and they said that my school hasn't submitted my 22-1999 (enrollment certification)!

This information may or may not be true. Most certifications are submitted to VA electronically. We receive instant verification of receipt of these documents. We would be happy to provide you with a copy, upon written request. The benefit counselors on the 1-888 line may not be able to verify VA's receipt of a document - but they should never say that your school has not submitted it. In general, it takes 1-2 weeks for VA to acknowledge receipt of certification documents.

Q.  I can't get through to the 1-888-GI Bill-1? Would you contact VA for me?

No. We call and experience the same delays in calling the 1-888-GI Bill-1. You may want to utilize the ask a question through the GI Bill™ website.

Q.  I've been paid too much money. I've received an overpayment letter. What do I do?

You should respond to the overpayment letter within 30 days. Appeal procedures are enclosed in your letter.  If you know that you are at fault, you may either pay the DVA directly, or request that the overpayment be deducted from future entitlement. 

Q.  Why didn't I get my break payment?

Effective 1 August 2011, VA no longer pays for the break periods.