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Repeat Course Policy

VA regulations forbid a veteran from repeating any course that has been transferred from another school. While veterans are free to take any courses they choose, they can only be certified for classes that are listed as program requirements, pre-requisites to requirements, or developmental courses needed to bring the student up to college level work. Veterans may not be certified for a course for which they have received an 'I' grade unless the 'I' converts to a quality letter grade. Veterans may repeat courses with pay only if the previous grade is an F. Veterans should consult with the Veterans Affairs office staff prior to changing course load or majors and then verify the actual change.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has made retroactive changes to repeating failed or unacceptable graded courses. Many schools have a "forgiveness" policy that allows students to repeat a failed or unacceptable grade for a course.  If the student receives a passing grade, the original grade is "forgiven" (excluded) and becomes a non-punitive grade (no longer counted in the GPA).  Once the course has been "forgiven", the school is required to report this to VA.

PSCC Policy for Repeating Courses (from PSCC College Catalog)

In computing the GPA of a student who has repeated one or more courses, Pellissippi State will count only the last grade received in the repeated course or courses and count hours attempted only once, provided the number of repeats in any single course does not exceed two (three attempts). In the event a student repeats a course more than twice, the grade in the third and later attempts shall be used in determining the GPA. Students may be permitted to repeat a course in which a grade of B or higher was earned only with the approval of the vice president of Academic Affairs.

Veterans or other eligible people repeating courses for which they have passing grades (D or higher) and for which they have been paid are cautioned not to claim these courses for pay.

If one of the following situations occurs, the non-punitive grade must be reported to VA:

  1. The first attempt was failed/unacceptable grade. The second attempt was passed. Nothing has to be reported to VA.  This is basically a free pass.
  2. The first and second attempts were failed/unacceptable grades.  The third attempt was passed.  The second attempt has to be reported to VA as a non-punitive grade and may result in an overpayment.
  3. The first, second and third attempts were failed/unacceptable grades. The fourth attempt was passed.  The second attempt has to be reported to VA as a non-punitive grade and may result in an overpayment.