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Dual Enrollment Grant

If you’re a current high school student interested in taking classes at Pellissippi State to earn college credit while also satisfying high school credit requirements, you’re a Dual Enrollment student. Students can enroll in college-level courses that are taught at their high school or attend classes at one of our campuses.

Remember, Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Instead, eligible Dual Enrollment students can access the Dual Enrollment Grant through Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.


  1. Apply for the Dual Enrollment grant through Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation for the academic year in which you plan to enroll in Dual Enrollment.

The Dual Enrollment grant, administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, is a scholarship funded through the Tennessee Education Lottery. Only high-school juniors and seniors are eligible for the grant, and those students must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Complete the Dual Enrollment grant application before the beginning of the academic semester in which you wish to enroll in classes at Pellissippi State.

The grant may pay the full cost of tuition for your first two three-credit-hour classes, up to $500 per course. You can use the grant for up to two courses per semester, up to $1,200 per academic year.

The TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant funds may help with the costs of Dual Enrollment classes taken during your junior and senior years of high school. For specific details and requirements about the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant, visit the site.


  1. Pay attention to TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant requirements and deadlines.

As a Dual Enrollment student, you’ll need to pay attention to Loading... and TSAC deadlines.

Once you begin college, you must maintain a 2.75 college GPA to remain eligible for the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant.


  1. Pay remaining balance.

 Once all of previous steps are completed — including registering for classes — the college will credit Dual Enrollment students' accounts after registration. Dual Enrollment students must pay any remaining balance not covered by the grant by the Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline. Students may set up a payment arrangement with the Cashier if needed. If you do not pay fees or set up a payment arrangement by the Schedule Confirmation and Fee Deadline, your schedule will be dropped.

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