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Withdrawing From a Class

There are financial aid consequences for withdrawing from a class — particularly for certain types of students and for students receiving certain types of financial aid.


Federal Regulations for Withdrawing

A student who adds or drops a class within the first 14 days of a semester will have their financial aid adjusted accordingly — more financial aid for an added class, or less aid because of a dropped class. However, after that day, a student will be responsible for any account balance discrepancy caused by adding or dropping a class.

Your instructor reports attendance that confirms any federal Title IV financial aid you receive for that class. You can check your attendance record in myPellissippi under the “Student” tab. Financial Aid reviews enrollment and attendance records each week.

Students who officially withdraw from school (or who simply stop coming to class) may have to return a portion of unearned funds to the federal financial aid program. Our Financial Aid office recalculates the amount of financial aid you can keep if you officially or unofficially withdraw from college. If you owe a balance after withdrawing, you will receive an alert in myPellissippi.


Repayment Policy

If we determine that you have officially or unofficially withdrawn and that you owe a balance of any federal financial aid, you will have 45 calendar days after notification to make a repayment in full or to make satisfactory repayment arrangements with the Cashier.

You will not be allowed to re-enroll or obtain transcripts until your outstanding account balance has been repaid or resolved.

If you borrowed any federal student direct loans that were effective during your withdrawal, those loans will go into repayment, according to the terms of your master promissory note.


Specific Financial Aid Consequences

If you withdraw from a class, stop attending a class, drop a class or fail to make satisfactory academic progress, you may face consequences to current and future financial aid, including losing total financial aid eligibility. For some types of financial aid, there is no forgiveness for lost eligibility.


HOPE and HOPE Access Scholarships

If you are a full-time student who begins the semester with 12 or more credit hours, then either drop below 12 credit hours or stop attending, you will lose the HOPE scholarship forever. If you are a part-time student who begins the semester with 6-11 credit hours, then either drop below 6 hours or stop attending, you will lose the HOPE scholarship forever. There is no forgiveness.


PELL Grant

If you drop or stop attending all of your classes in a single semester, you may owe financial aid back to Pellissippi State.


Tennessee Promise

All Tennessee Promise students must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours) and attend all classes until the end of the semester. If you drop, withdraw from or stop attending a class and drop below 12 credit hours, you will lose the Tennessee Promise scholarship forever. Don’t forget the additional requirements for Tennessee Promise students to be eligible for the scholarship.


Tennessee Reconnect

If you drop below 6 credit hours, you will lose the Tennessee Reconnect grant forever.



If you receive financial aid through the VA and/or a GI Bill, you may have to repay all financial aid for any class you drop. Also, decreasing your enrollment (for example, from 12 credit hours to 6 credit hours) may affect your basic allowance for housing funds. Always check with our Veterans Affairs Office — or the VA directly — about the consequences of dropping or withdrawing from a class.


Student Loans

If you receive federal loan funds and drop below 6 credit hours, any subsequent loan disbursements will be cancelled. If you drop or stop attending ALL of your courses, you may owe money to Pellissippi State. In all of these examples, you must complete exit loan counseling.


Exit Loan Counseling

If you received a loan while you were a student at Pellissippi State and you then drop below half-time attendance, withdraw, graduate, stop attending or otherwise do not return to Pellissippi State, the federal government requires you to complete exit loan counseling. This is true even if you plan to attend another institution when you graduate from Pellissippi State. Exit loan counseling gives you important information about repaying your student loans. Students complete exit loan counseling at


Institutional Work Scholarships

If you drop a class it will not affect your scholarship; however, if you drop all classes, you will be charged for any unearned work hours and will owe money to Pellissippi State.


Federal Work Study

If you drop below 6 credit hours or officially or unofficially withdraw from college, you are no longer eligible to work.

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