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Statement of Philosophy for the First Year of College

The faculty and staff at Pellissippi State Technical Community College believe that the first-year experience is critically important as it provides the foundation for college success and lifelong learning. To best serve the unique needs of first year students, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • facilitating new student transition to the college campus
  • providing high-quality instruction during the first year
  • establishing positive mentoring and advising relationships with beginning students
  • supporting a vibrant college culture where students experience and express diverse world-views
  • offering a comprehensive range of activities and opportunities to enhance learning and personal growth
  • evaluating the results of our efforts addressing first-year student needs.

In providing first-year students exceptional opportunities for growth and involvement, we believe they will connect more deeply with the college community, achieve their academic goals, and gain a clearer, fuller vision of their lifetime direction.

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