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Fund Descriptions for Internal Campaign

Special Funds

General Endowment Fund

A general pool Endowment Fund have been established to make privately donated funds available for college needs. A general endowment pool will use Foundation established guidelines.  Usually, funds are deposited in this account when a scholarship or other fund has not been established or the donor has no preference for their gift. All monies received for the Endowment Fund will be deposited in the restricted Foundation account.

Greatest Need Fund

Gifts to support Pellissippi State’s greatest needs fund have a tremendous impact. These unrestricted funds allow the foundation to respond to critical needs and take advantage of exciting opportunities. These funds are used to match grants, cover costs associated with equipment donations, and help respond quickly to developing programs. Greatest needs is a source of support for the entire college and serves as an insurance policy for the people, places, and programs that need it most.

Hardin Valley Campus Garden

MISSION: The Hardin Valley Campus Garden’s mission is:

  • to provide an environmentally sustainable, outdoor educational/recreational hub for the people of Pellissippi State.
  • to alleviate the hunger needs of low-income Pellissippi State students and employees & their families via integration with the Pellissippi Pantry
  • to supply local produce to our PSCC Cafeteria through sales that will sustain the garden’s existence
  • to encourage and model environmentally sustainable agricultural practices
  • to provide ongoing service opportunities for PSCC students
  • to provide ongoing opportunities for PSCC students/employees to connect to the Knox County Master Gardener program’s educational offerings

Projected Start Date is late March, 2016

BACKGROUND ON THE GARDEN PROJECT: Since the start of the college’s Service-Learning Program in 2011, PSCC has noted that an increasing number of our students prefer to volunteer at sites involving gardening, food access/poverty alleviation, and sustainable living. The college initiated the Pond Gap Elementary School “Edible Schoolyard” project in 2013 to encourage Knox County Schools to construct on-site gardens that 1) enhance school-day and after-school programming and 2) provide low-income neighborhood food access and nutrition education support. In 2014, the college began the AmeriCorps VISTA Good Food For All! initiative, which expanded its sponsorship of food access, nutrition education, and poverty alleviation support throughout East TN. Part of this project involved creating a site for a new Hardin Valley Campus Garden that could complement a new five-campus food pantry supporting our PSCC students with chronic hunger issues. 

HOW IT WILL WORK: A PSCC Garden Project Leader will lead groups of PSCC and community volunteers in the maintenance of The Hardin Valley Campus Garden. There will be pre-scheduled work days for various garden tasks throughout the growing year as well as special, add-on work days for construction projects that will enhance the garden site, which is at the back of the campus next to the Student Recreation Center. The garden will feature environmentally sustainable agricultural practices featuring permaculture-inspired applications. There will be additional guidance from Knox County Master Gardeners, who have adopted the garden as a Core Project for their interns. Three-quarters of the garden’s produce will supplement the food distributed through the Pellissippi Pantry. One-quarter will supplement Hardin Valley Campus Cafeteria food offerings. 

Pellissippi Pantry 

MISSION: The Pellissippi Pantry, a five-campus service of Pellissippi State Community College, will offer qualified, food access-challenged students nutritious packaged & fresh food and nutrition education support.

Projected Start Date for our most at-risk students: Summer 2016

BACKGROUND ON THE PANTRY PROJECT: Recent academic research has confirmed higher education’s concern that the number of community college students nationwide who experience food insecurity is on the rise.  In December 2015, a University of Wisconsin study surveying a geographically diverse sampling of the nation’s community college students revealed that 52% of them experience ongoing food insecurity while trying to pursue their undergraduate education (Goldrick-Rab, 2015). The Atlantic magazine reported, “Twenty-two percent of community college students said they’d gone hungry due to lack of money” (McKenna, 2016). There are a variety of complicated socio-economic reasons why community college student hunger is increasing, including the ever-rising costs of tuition and, thanks to incentives like last-dollar scholarships, a new influx in lower-middle class students attempting to matriculate. The Atlantic’s article underscored what higher education researchers have known for years: hunger negatively affects student learning, retention, and persistence. Pellissippi State Community College (PSCC) has anecdotal evidence that many of the 10,000 students on PSCC’s five campuses are suffering from hunger, but in the fall semester 2015, PSCC decided to take a closer look.  PSCC researched how many of our current students would meet the federal guidelines (by income and household size) qualifying them for the federal free or reduced lunch programs. The results were 6,033 of 10,000 or approximately 60% of enrolled PSCC students would qualify for federal food assistance. Because the University of Wisconsin’s research confirmed that food insecurity could negatively impact student success, PSCC realized it needed to create a five-campus food pantry program to improve PSCC most at-risk students’ food security.

HOW IT WILL WORK: The pantry’s services will ensure ongoing confidentiality, while providing a vital, convenient resource to qualified clients on all five campuses through an online or paper ordering system, rather than a walk-in process.  Transportation is often an issue for low-income students, so qualified pantry clients will submit supplemental food orders for delivery and pick-up at their preferred campus. To ensure confidentiality, volunteers who pack individual orders will see only the client’s identification number and a code for the campus delivery preference.  To accommodate limited storage space, bi-weekly whole-college orders will be placed to PSCC’s pantry partner, Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, and delivered to and packed at the Hardin Valley Campus.  The orders will then be distributed by college-owned shuttles to site campuses for discreet pick up by clients at a pre-specified time and location.  

Student Emergency Loan Fund

The Student Emergency Loan Fund was established to make privately donated funds available for students whose financial needs are such that they will be forced to drop out of school without this assistance. These financial awards are considered loans, and students are urged to make repayments as soon as they are financially able.

Allocation Process: 

  1. A student must file a written application with the Director of Financial Aid, who verifies need, determines that all other possible sources of funding have been sought, and assesses if monies are available in the SEL Fund.
  2. At the same time, the student signs a promissory note for the loan.
  3. The student turns in the papers to the Cashier Office who distributes the copies.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Priority is given to students showing academic promise.
  2. Although the amount varies with the individual’s need, it is never to exceed $650 without approval from the Executive Director of the Foundation.
  3. A student is eligible to receive this assistance only once.
  4. The loans are awarded only as long as funds are available and on a first-come, first serve basis.

The Arts at Pellissippi State

Since 2011, Pellissippi State Community College has invited the community to enjoy the rich arts heritage of East Tennessee—stirring music, rousing theatre, inspiring lectures, vibrant cultural events and exciting visual arts—through The Arts at Pellissippi State. Most of the events are totally free and don’t require tickets. This series serves as an outreach program to our community. This fund was established to assist with the costs associated with productions and marketing.

Veteran Student Support Fund

Pellissippi State has maintained a Veterans Support Committee since 2009.  During its existence, members of the committee have addressed a variety of veterans’ issues by implementing several initiatives to support our population of 500+ student veterans.  On November 11, 2013, the College held the grand opening of the Ben Atchley Veterans Success Center with funds received from the Tennessee College Access and Success Network grant.  The Center serves as a central gathering place for Pellissippi State’s student veterans. Based on our experience through the Vets Center, the committee has recognized the need for a fund to assist student veterans experiencing emergency circumstances.


Administrative Professional Technology Award

Business Administration Technology Award

Computer Science Technology Award 

Engineering Technology Awards 


Excellence in Teaching Award

Recognizes demonstrated excellence in teaching as it relates to (1) measurable impact manifested in learning processes and student success rates; (2) program/course/curricular development to improve quality of the interactive learning experience; (3) colleague/student/ staff recognition of contributions to college classroom and improved learning; (4) curriculum/ instruction design demonstrating current best practices in teaching, learning and student support. Excellence in Teaching is awarded annual at the Employee Awards Ceremony.

Gene Joyce Visionary Award*

Gene Joyce provided outstanding leadership through his vision of the Tennessee Valley as a fertile region for technological, educational, economic, and cultural growth. As a member of the Governor’s High Technology Task Force, he was instrumental in developing the technological corridor as a viable resource for the area.  His vision greatly assisted in the creation of Pellissippi State Technical Community College. The Trustees of the Pellissippi State Technical Community College Foundation proudly established this fund in lasting recognition of and immemorial to the man whose vision and leadership have made an indelible mark on this region. The Gene Joyce Employee Visionary Award will recognize Pellissippi State Technical Community College employees who are making positive differences in the Tennessee Valley through leadership, technologically oriented projects, and/or community involvement.

History Award

Imaginary Gardens Award 

Innovations Award 

The Innovations Award recognizes the demonstrated success of creative and original instructional and learning support activities at the college. Any employee who has executed instructional activity, project, assignment or application which meets the criteria for innovation, creativity, program enhancement, student development and demonstrated success is eligible for nomination. 

Paralegal Studies Award 

Spanish Award 

Campus Funds

These funds assist with critical building and program needs. Support your campus!

Blount County

Division Street


Strawberry Plains

Department & Program Funds

Academic and Student Enrichment Fund

Administrative Professional Technology (OST)

Anatomy and Physiology Program

The anatomy and Physiology Program fund was established by Ron Bridges and Dawn Roberts. Both faculty members pledged their monies from their royalties from Bluedoor publications.

Art Program

Bagwell Center for Media and Art

Business Administration Department

Business and Community Services Division 

Cardwell Philosophy Fund

The Charles E. Cardwell established the Philosophy Endowment in 2006. Dr. Cardwell originally came to PSCC in January, 1999 as an adjunct in philosophy. He joined the full-time faculty in August, 2004. Before coming to PSCC, Dr. Cardwell had a successful career as a private investor. He holds bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and in Physics from Kansas State University as well as masters and doctorate degrees in Philosophy from the University of Rochester. His early work in philosophy concerned the history, logic, and epistemological foundations of natural science. Over the years, his philosophical interests expanded to include ethics, the practical value of philosophy, the problem of creativity and problem solving across disciplines, and the philosophy of education. Dr. Cardwell has been widely active in the discipline, publishing textbooks and articles. He was the first community college faculty member to serve as President of the Tennessee Philosophical Association.

Charles established the endowment to support the philosophy program at Pellissippi State in ways for which other funding is not available, more specifically, to support adjunct faculty, to recognize and reward students who show exceptional promise in philosophy, and to encourage and support the development of innovations in the teaching of philosophy. 

Communications Graphics Technology

Culinary Arts Program 

Early Childhood Education Program

Electrical Engineering Technology 

English Department 

Equipment Fund

Hospitality Program

Interior Design Technology

Liberal Arts Department 

Library Resources Fund 

Management Program

Mathematics Department 

Mechanical Engineering Technology (John C. Mauer)

The Mechanical Engineer Technology fund was established in 1996 by Pat Riddle, Terry Sisk, Chuck Wright and Mary Kocak. The fund honors John “Jack” Mauer, the first Director of the State Technical Institute at Knoxville. He served as Director from 1973-1975 and later returned to Pellissippi State to teach in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. Over the years, this fund has met critical equipment and program needs. 

National and Behavioral Sciences Department 

Nursing Program 

Paralegal Studies Program 

Photography Program

Placement Office Fund 

Professional Development Fund

Project GRAD Program 

Project GRAD is a national education program known for improving college attendance rates among students. By focusing on improving student achievement and graduation rates, college and career path readiness, and college completion rates, Project GRAD works to ensure academic and professional success.

Project GRAD Knoxville impacts generational change through education. Our K-16 approach focuses on:

  • College and career access and success
  • Social services support
  • Family, neighborhood and community engagement
  • Intentional support for disadvantaged students

Service-Learning Program 

Disability Services

Student Affairs Development Fund

Student Life and Recreation Fund

TnCIS/International Studies 

TRiO Program 

Video Production Technology 

Web Technology 


Administrative Council Scholarship

At a fall 1995 administrative council meeting, members expressed the desire to establish an Administrative Council Scholarship Fund.  The goal was to offer a full year scholarship beginning Fall 1996.  In order to accomplish the goal, $1,500 was needed by March 31, 1996.  The Administrative Council met their fundraising goals through an e-mail request to administrators, payroll deductions and a Foundation Challenge Grant. 

Individuals involved in the development include: Nancy Donahue, Pat Myers, Bill Nichols, Holly Burkett, Sharon Burlingame, Ann Munz, William Brown, Lonnie Butler, Karen Faulkner Queener, Gayle Wood, Barry Carrier, Dorothy DeBlois, Suzanne Walker and Phyllis Pace.      

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must have completed 30 credit hours (college credit and/or developmental) at Pellissippi State
  2. Demonstrate financial need
  3. Have maintained a minimum overall grade-point average of 2.5 at Pellissippi State

Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship was established by the Pellissippi State Foundation. Heather Overton, Foundation Board Member and Pellissippi Alumna, served as the Alumni Association Co-Chair in 2010 when the scholarship was established.  

The scholarship eligibility requirements include: 

  1. Preference will be given to a full-time student who is a child or spouse of a graduate from Pellissippi State;
  2. Proof of eligibility required;
  3. Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0;
  4. Receive a written recommendation for the scholarship from his/her high school guidance counselor or college faculty advisor, teacher, or recognized professional person;
  5. Demonstrate financial need, but will not be required to comply with state or federal financial aid guidelines.

The Pellissippi State Scholarship Selection Committee shall have authority to waive eligibility requirements if, in its discretion, the student has otherwise demonstrated that the student is deserving of the scholarship.

Karen Anderson Scholarship

The Karen Anderson Scholarship was established in 2013 by Audrey Williams and Tracey Bradley. Karen was an explorer of life and that exploration took her to many parts of the world for both play and work. She was a firm believer in sharing her love of travel and learning with others. She was a devoted and beloved staff member of the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies at Pellissippi State Community College. Her talents and skills were vast and encompassing. This scholarship will honor her in the way she managed, advised and cared for our students. The scholarship in her name will provide access to the same kinds of international experiences she found so rewarding in her own life. 

PSCC Student Eligibility Requirements- Accepted into the TnCIS Ecuador/Galapagos Study Abroad Program * Adult student over the age of 25*Letter of Academic Recommendation *Demonstrated Financial Need * Maintain GPA of 2.00 

Art Scholarship 

The Art Scholarship was established in 1993 by Heide Brenner.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be a student beginning his/her second year of college (must have completed two semesters)  
  2. Be enrolled as an art major carrying a minimum of nine (9) hours per semester (12 preferred)  
  3. Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA

Bill and Sharon Brewer Music Scholarship 

Bill Brewer began his career as a Music Minister serving churches in South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. He served the churches for many years. But, he found his true calling and passion in the academic world as the Music Department Program Coordinator and Choral Conductor at Pellissippi State Community College. It was there, together with the faculty, staff and students, that he envisioned, grew, and nurtured a Music Department which will have a lasting impact on the future of many current and former students. Bill loved his family, his church, the people at Pellissippi State Community College, music, traveling with his wife and being outdoors. He was loved by many.

This scholarship is awarded to a full-time student in the Variations Ensemble. Preference is given to students in the conducting class.

Child of Support Staff Employee Scholarship

In 1995, The CSS Scholarship was established. The scholarship is awarded annually to a child of a support staff employee. Support Staff Council funded the scholarships by giving donations and by selling Tupperware. A Staff cookbook was created as a fundraiser.The amount of the scholarship is determined annually. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Student must be enrolled full-time
  2. Student must be the child of a support staff employee at Pellissippi State
  3. Students must demonstrate potential for academic success
  4. Student must attach a written recommendation from high school counselor, faculty advisor, teacher or recognized professional person such as an employer to the scholarship applicant

Faculty Senate Scholarship

The Faculty Senate Scholarship was established in 1986 by Chairperson Robert Hunt. Any faculty can nominate any student. Criteria exists for both full-time students and part-time students, but each category must have at least a 3.0 GPA. Decisions are made by a 5 person Faculty Association Committee.

  1. Maintain full-time student status  
  2. Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA 
  3. Have completed two full-time college-level semesters (current semester enrollment may count as the second full-time semester)  
  4. Two scholarships for students in the College Transfer program
  5. One scholarship for student in a Business Technology program 
  6. One scholarship for student in the Engineering Technologies program.

Future Teachers Scholarship

The Future Teachers Scholarship was established in 2004 by Meg Moss. One or more scholarships are provided annually in the amount of $250.

  1. Be a full-time student majoring in Teacher Education at Pellissippi State
  2. Receive a written recommendation for the scholarship from his/her high school counselor or college faculty advisor, teacher, or recognized professional person;
  3. Demonstrate financial need, but will not be required to comply with state or federal financial aid guidelines.

General Scholarship Fund

A general and a pool Endowment Fund have been established to make privately donated funds available for student scholarships. A general scholarship endowment pool will use Foundation established guidelines.  Usually, funds are deposited in this account when a scholarship or other fund has not been established or the donor has no preference for their gift. All monies received for the Scholarship Endowment Fund will be deposited to the restricted Foundation account.

Homeless Student Scholarship

The Homeless Student Scholarship was established in 2014 by Pellissippi State Student Stephanie Davis. Stephanie was inspired to help her fellow students after she conducted research was conducted the issue of homeless students for an argument essay in English 1010 class. 

  1. Receive a written recommendation for the scholarship from his/her high school guidance counselor or college faculty advisor, teacher, or recognized professional person; 
  2. Demonstrate financial need, but will not be required to comply with state or federal
  3. financial aid guidelines;
  4. Must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0;
  5. Student must validate that he/she is homeless by a referral from an agency providing services for homeless citizens.

Inner-City High School Scholarship

The Inner City High School Scholarship was established in 1991 by Vrondelia (Ronni) Chandler. Ronni was an employee at Pellissippi State and served as Minority Development Coordinator. The scholarship is awarded to an East Tennessee student served by an inner city high school.

Roberto Jimenez Memorial Scholarship 

  1. Major in Spanish
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5

KD Lawson Memorial Scholarship

The KD Lawson Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 by Christy Williams of Hawaii and Heather Willard of Tennessee, daughters of KD Lawson. The scholarship is $500.

Eligibility Requirements include:

  1. Be a sophomore full-time student majoring in photography or if not available to any working student
  2. Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 with a GPA of 3.0 in photography
  3. Obtain a written recommendation for the scholarship from his/her college faculty advisor, teacher or recognized professional
  4. Demonstrated financial need, but not required to comply with state or federal financial aid guidelines

Mathematics Scholarship

The Mathematics Scholarship was established in 2003 by Judy Fethe. 

Eligibility requirements

  1. Demonstrate financial need, but will not require compliance with state or federal financial aid guidelines
  2. Have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.5 in Mathematics courses and 3.0 overall
  3. Have a pre/corequisite of second semester Calculus
  4. Be enrolled as a full-time student

Music Scholarship

Scholars Today and Tomorrow Scholarship

The Scholars Today and Tomorrow (STT) Fund was established in the 1990's to meet the needs of both current and future students. Of each $1,000 gift, $350 is used for an immediate scholarship and $650 is placed in an endowment. With a $10,000 commitment, the donor may name the scholarship plus add additional criteria. A donor commitment or gift under $10,000 is placed in a general STT pool. All monies received for the Scholars Today and Tomorrow Scholarships will be deposited 65% to the restricted STT endowment account and 35% to the restricted STT scholarship account.

Sue Carter Memorial Scholarship

The Sue Carter Memorial Scholarship was established in 2006 in honor of English Department employee Sue Carter. Sue lost her battle with breast cancer. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Major in English
  2. Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA

Support Staff Scholarship

In 1988, Gay Bryant, Terry Finnerty and Beckie Ivie Scott proposed a Support Staff Scholarship to be awarded for Office Information Technology Students. In 1991, Karen Dozler established an endowment for the scholarship during the Scholars Today and Tomorrow Campaign.

Tennessee Small Business Development Center 

Serving these local communities, the Knoxville, TN TSBDC Office provides small business start-up services including, but not limited to: business plan development, financial planning assistance, marketing plan development, sources of capital, & social media guidance.

Theatre Program 

This fund was established by Charles Miller, Professor and Head of Theatrical Productions at Pellissippi State, to assist the program in becoming one of the top theatre training programs of its kind in the Southeast. Donations to this fund assist with production costs.

Theatre Scholarship

The Theatre Scholarship was established by Charles Miller in 2009. 

Theatre Scholarships - Gold

Amount of Scholarship:  $500 semester


  1. Be a declared Theatre Major
  2. Be enrolled in at least one additional THEA class or have taken them all
  3. Maintain full-time student status
  4. Maintain cumulative 2.75 GPA

Theatre Scholarships - Blue

Amount of Scholarship:  $250 semester


  1. Be a declared Theatre Major
  2. Be enrolled in either THEA 1311 or THEA 2311
  3. Be enrolled in at least one additional THEA class or have taken them all
  4. Maintain full-time student status
  5. Maintain cumulative 2.75 GPA

Valorie Hall Memorial Biology Scholarship 

The Valorie Hall Memorial Biology Scholarship was established in 2003 by the Natural and Behavioral Science Department. 

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be enrolled in a biology or health professions major
  2. Have maintained a minimum grade-point average of 3.4 from college which the student last attended
  3. Provide a written recommendation for the scholarship from his/her college faculty advisor, teacher, or recognized professional person such as his/her employer
  4. Be enrolled as a full-time student
  5. Have completed 24 hours of college-level coursework, including eight semester hours of science coursework.

Jack Wilson International Student Scholarship

The Jack Wilson International Student Scholarship was established in by Sharon Reedy in 2003.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be a student whose native country is not the United States
  2. Demonstrate financial need by letter from the student with supporting documentation and approval by the International Admissions Coordinator
  3. Have maintained a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 overall
  4. Have completed at least one semester at Pellissippi State Community College
  5. Be enrolled as a full-time student