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Academic Fresh Start

Have you done the whole college thing before, with perhaps not-so-great results?

Academic Fresh Start can help you start over by calculating your GPA and credit hours toward graduation only on the work you do after your return to college. You have to meet certain qualifications and complete an application to take advantage of Academic Fresh Start.

Academic Fresh Start can be granted only once. Academic forgiveness granted through this program is independent of financial aid regulations that are related to attempted or completed hours. If you have questions about financial aid and Academic Fresh Start, contact the Financial Aid Office.


Academic Fresh Start Criteria & Procedure

Students must have been un-enrolled at any college or university for at least four consecutive calendar years. Students should enroll at Pellissippi State and then complete the Fresh Start application.

Your permanent academic record will remain a record of all your work — including any classes previously failed. However, failed courses (and D grade courses where a C or better is required) will be excluded from the calculation of GPA.

Academic Fresh Start requires participating students to:

  • Repeat courses with D or F grades that are required in the student’s major. Courses must be completed at Pellissippi State, and no transfer credit from other institutions for those courses will be accepted.
  • Any previously completed and passed classes may be retained, dependent upon current degree requirements and regulations
  • The student will keep any previously satisfied placement requirements (like placement test scores)
  • The student’s transcript will note that he or she earned Academic Fresh Start, and will note the date that it went into effect.

All Tennessee Board of Regents institutions will honor an Academic Fresh Start provision that was granted by a fellow TBR institution, but students should be aware that non-TBR institutions may not accept the altered GPA or QPA as it is calculated under Fresh Start.

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