An engineering student takes a measurement as he works on technical machinery.
The exterior of the J.L. Goins building. The building houses the administrative offices of the College. The Grant Development Office is located on the second floor, Suite 203.
Several members of the College meet with community leaders around a table to discuss a successful grant.

Process and Forms

In Grant Development we enjoy our role of supporting programs and faculty and staff across the College to obtain resources to promote the College’s goals. In that role we are most successful when everyone understands their respective responsibilities.

Step One:
Schedule an appointment with the Grant Development Office about your project.  You will need to speak with the grants office.

Step Two:
Complete the Interest Form online or scan and email to

Step Three:

The responsibility of faculty and staff appointed to grant team is to provide content in their area of expertise for the grant narrative and a plan for how the College will implement the grant if awarded.

The development of a grant application is a collaborative and team process. The Grant Development Office will be actively involved in preparing and editing the grant narrative for content, required formatting, and grammar. The Grant Development Office will be included in the writing of the grant narrative, as part of the grant team.

Step Four:
Work collaboratively with the Grant Development Office and all of the grant team to complete the grant proposal, application, letter of interest or intent, narrative, budget, forms, etc.

Step Five:

Once the grant team completes a draft narrative and budget, the Grant Development Office will:

a. Format all grant documents as required by the grantor.

b. Write the budget narrative detailing the budget.

c. Prepare and complete the other required forms and documents based upon the final narrative and the budget.

d. Provide the budget and budget narrative to Grants Accounting Office for final approval.

e. Submit the final application to the Vice President of College Advancement to review and approve.

f. Provide the completed final application to the College President for approval.

g. Submit the completed and properly formatted application to the grantor several days before the final deadline to avoid technical problems and insure the application is accepted.

Most grant applications have an extremely tight timeline with approximately 30-45 days to prepare a proposal. A draft is requested well in advance of a deadline for revisions and approval from the College administration. All grants are processed through the Grant Development Office.

Step Six:

The Grant Development Office submits the completed grant to the appropriate agency.

Step Seven:
The Principal Investigator for the grant will execute and manage grant award upon funding.

Step Eight:

The Grant Development Office will monitor financial and narrative grant reports.  The Grants Accounting Office will copy Grant Development on monthly financial reports.  The Principal Investigator will copy the Grant Development Office on all reports to the granting agency.  The Grant Development Office will ensure compliance with federal, state, and College policies and progress toward grant objectives.