An engineering student takes a measurement as he works on technical machinery.
The exterior of the J.L. Goins building. The building houses the administrative offices of the College. The Grant Development Office is located on the second floor, Suite 203.
Several members of the College meet with community leaders around a table to discuss a successful grant.


  • Research and develop grant opportunities for the College and Foundation.
  • Match grant funding with the needs of the College, Foundation, and the requests of faculty and staff.
  • Work as a team member with faculty and staff to write, compile, and submit grant applications. Remember, you are the expert in your field and your input is vital in composing a successful grant application.
  • When a grant is awarded to the College or Foundation, the grants office will conduct a post-award meeting to determine roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide technical assistance with grant reports and regulations.
  • Obtain feedback from granting agencies about the quality of grant applications.
  • Records retention of all grant submissions and grants awarded to the College or Foundation.