Male and female looking through garden.
Female working in garden

Volunteer With Us!


You can be a part of our CompostCorps team, which gathers coffee grounds and compostable waste from our college cafeteria each day, takes it to the compost bins at the garden, and turns the piles. This process creates rich, organic material—humus—that we spread on our raised beds and rows. Contact to find out more or get involved.

Get Involved!

This garden is a perfect opportunity for service-learning projects related to microbiology, botany, environmental science, and other science-based courses; writing-based courses tackling issues related to food insecurity and sustainable living; culinary arts courses; history courses; engineering courses involving sustainable design, and many more. Contact us for project ideas! A special feature of this garden is its emphasis on East TN foodways, or the cultural, social, and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food from this area.  Foodways refers to the crossroads of food in culture, traditions, and history—such as through seed saving, cultivation of heirloom crops, preserving and canning, and cooking with regional recipes and techniques.

This garden is also a great way to earn those TN Promise community service hours.

Get on our weekly volunteer email by emailing, which includes opportunities for being a Garden Worker, CompostCorps worker, a Harvester/Packer, and more. Once you are on our list, you will be sent a volunteer email each Sunday with details about the following week’s volunteer opportunities.